Conte Cuttino a Cat for 2 years

He signed a contract for next year?

he said he'll be in camp next year so i think that's when his contract starts. i can't say for sure yet.

I've never heard of a contract like that. Can anyone confirm if this is legit or is it just a young athlete's hopeful tweet?

Cuttino signs for two years starting next year, and AJ Harris on the PR, presumably to evaluate for next year? Would be interesting to know what kind of contract Cuttino signed. Guess we'll have to wait to see who makes it through next year's training camp.

i'll get drew edwards on the the case. :slight_smile:

This is why the internet is a bad thing. The league doesn't have to investigate things if it can pretend not to know about them. :roll:

Loose lips, etc., etc...

Can't confirm it, but I believe it's a regular practice to sign players for the following year and simply not register the signing with the league until whenever the team chooses during the off-season. I expect it happens regularly with players who are on the PR for short stints. They "audition," are thought good enough to be a training camp prospect, aren't expected to be needed this year, so are signed for next year and sent home.