Contain Printers and pressure him in the pocket

We must contain Printers, don't let him get to the outside and buy time for his receivers. Printers is most dangerous when he is able to ad-lib...if he can't get to the outside he won't be able to do this. Pressure him in the pocket and we can neutralize him. Also, this guy doesn't like to get hit. It was so evident when he played here. Hopefully we can get a couple real good smacks on him and let him know football is a contact sport...I think it's time to give pretty boy a tune-up! :cowboy:

Good one Buckwheat, its Hammer time!

Actually I think that when Printers scrambles he makes poor decisions. His accuracy goes down, he fumbles and gets happy feet. He's quick but not quick enough to get around the corner to make big runs.

When Printers stands in the pocket and has time, that's when he picks you apart. Once he starts rolling out of the pocket, he forgets how to throw.

When he played for us it was true, but in his MVP season and now that is when he is at his best. And this is why he didnt make the nfl the nfl line backers ate him up everytime he’d try to beat the blitz by scrambling. His big move is to pretend he doesnt see the blitzer coming, do a little twirle move at the last second to avoid him, get outside the pocket and find a wideopen receiver down field. In 2004 the majority of his big plays came by doing that, he definately did not win MVP by picking teams apart in the pocket.

The problem when Casey was in Hamilton wasn't all him, a big part of it was that the receivers were dropping balls like they were on fire and the attitude in the Ti-Cat locker room was one of losing. Now that he's back in BC with Simon and Jackson, he knows he's got receivers that will catch his throws. That confidence has brought him (based on the games against the Riders and Stamps) back to his 2004 form. We would have won those two if the D had done their jobs in the last couple of minutes of each game.

I've always cheered for the Ti-Cats, except when they play the Lions, and if our D can hold Cobb, we have a damn good shot at beating the Ti-Cats on Sunday.

How about putting a bump on the recievers at the LOS, take Simon out of the game.

It'll take more than that to take Simon out of the game...

You take care of Printers and everything else will take care of itself. Also let's not forget Mallet. This guy is a helluva rb and he must be on our radar. Having said that,I really like the way our D has been playing, espescially the way they've been containing opposing qb's and pressuring them. Since Adams and McIntyre have returned the whole front seven has been on fire. :cowboy:

You will have to do a lot more than hold Cobb. Although he burned you guys in the first two games, it's our passing attack that will beat you tomorrow. I fully expect BC to focus on our running game which should open our strong passing game. Shut down the passing game and then Cobb's running game will kill you in the second half. We are not a one dimensional team. But if BC wants to think we are that's fine with us. :wink:

You're right, the Ti-Cats have it all (almost) this year, but our DB's can handle your receivers. It's when the DB's have to go after the run that we are in trouble. Of course, our defensive play-calls have to be more aggressive than they have been so far this year.

The Indoor Kitties set up pretty much like the Bummers did last week. Both have a big play QB that pressured makes mistakes. Both teams have a strong RB. I'm thinking our game plan will be very similar to last week's. Expect a lot of short passes to whoever Bruce is drawing coverage away from.

No, Printers is nothing like Bishop. Bishop is haphazard at best. Printers isn't when he has the supporting cast, which he does in BC, but didn't have in Hamilton while he was there. O'B has done a great job for you guys, and has turned your team around.

Better luck next year to the Ti-Cats. It was a nail-biter right to the end of the game. Our D failed in the last minute AGAIN, but stepped it up in OT.

Anyone other than Casey under center, and we would have lost. With Casey, we got the points to get the win.