Hi guys,

I am wondering if anyone knows how to contact the Montreal Alouettes by e-mail. On their site, they don't have any links or anything.

If you are wondering, I had an idea, which I posted in the Alouettes section, and them and my people who I talked to agreed, it would be a good idea to try and do.

As we all know, on September 13th, 2006, Kimveer Gill walked into Dawson College and went on a shooting rampage, killing 1, Anastasia De Sousa.

1 year later, on September 13th, 2007, the students at Dawson College will be walking for peace, and wearing pink, in her memory and to raise money for the Anastasia De Sousa fund.

My idea is, on September 14th, the Alouettes are in Edmonton to take on the Eskimos. I was hoping to contact the organisation, to maybe ask the players and coaches to wear something pink for that game, as a gesture in her memory. Whether it is a wristband, armband or mouthpiece or whatever. (Also, hopefully the CFL woudln't fine the players who "violate" the team code)

I know the odds are they would reject the idea, because of money.But I would be willing to buy the wristbands, as it's for a very good cause.

Can anyone help me out?

They would have to get league approval to do so. Maybe contact the newspaper there and they could give you a source.

I would expect it would be something on the back of the helmet or on the players shoulder, which is allowed as it is the same as a team sponsor patch. League of course needs to approve, but that's about it.

it could replace the american flag on the back of the players helmets.

What American flag?

Anyway, I think it’s a great idea. If you can build up some sort of group to support it, float it to the Als, the CFL, and the local media, then it would be pretty hard for them to reject it - especially if you get the media on board. (Really, if you just bring it up in the media, then the Als will basically have to go with it, for PR reasons. I don’t mean to treat the tragedy with insensitivity. I’m just saying it could be a good way to make sure the Als go through with it.)

Ya, I think the tough part would be to get the CFL approval.

I think the Als would do it, even if I have to buy the armbands for the entire team, I'd be glad too as it helps out the Anastasia De Sousa fund, and I loved her to death...So anything to help out.

Thanks guys!