Contacting the league

there is no way of contacting the league about the officiating

This new site was recently posted on these forums.


There's also the 'Contact Us' link at the bottom of

Best bet is to contact Mr. Higgins directly:

waste of time

You could try the commissioner at:

Wouldn't he crap his pants if he got a response from that addy?

:lol: :lol:

Where can I get an e-mail address like that? :smiley: :twisted: :stuck_out_tongue:

This guy must have looked real hard.

You can also use the Feedback section. I used that a couple weeks ago to ask the officials about a rule, and I got a response the following afternoon.

Actually, go to and you can.

For like $5 a month, you can make up any email addy you want, and it will work.

The good thing is you will never get any spam

I signed up for the cflofficials site but I never received my sign in information. I don't think they want Rider fans on their forum.

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Never got my confirmation either.

Oh god,

I went to and checked out the message board there and there's talk about mass bombing them email of Tom Higgins over what is looking like to be a right call.

Get those pickup trucks loaded up with manure boys, we're heading to the CFL head offices.

Get over it.

AL's got robbed. I thought Riders did too, but after reading the rulebook and seeing the play again officials used their best discretion and threw a legitimate flag.

Tom HIggins front lawn is at risk....No Tom these are not Orkin Men. They are Prairie women and they are known to dig lawns and chuck wood and that's not dirt in the back of that pickup truck!

The officials used their BEST discretion. Puleeeese!! Time you change your meds!!


Do me a favour and make sure you guys mention the bogus pyramiding call.

Read the rules, it was the correct call.

In all fairness, considering these aren't full time jobs, the speed of the game and the complexity of the rules, the officials do a great job.

There's always going to be the occaisional folley. These are humans. Just like occaisionally, an import special teams player will down the ball on a punt and take a 15 yard no-yards penalty.

Anyone know who to contact at the league office about transactions? I noticed that on October 1 the Riders extended Graham Harrell on the IR to October 9 but there are no transactions for him listed after that yet Harrell still shows up on the IR. Was he extended or not? If not, then why is he still shown on the IR?