Contacting CFL Commissioner & TSN about poor performances la

We all should be contacting the CFL Commissioner regarding last games poor Officiating taking the Entertainment out of the game.Why should we attend games that are not entertaining?I know the answers ,but lets ask the Commissioner all together.
Contact info....?

Also TSN should give an apology for Chris Shultz calling Simoni Lawrence classless on National TV.An apology or suspension or even termination is appropriate for calling someone classless for a perfectly legal hit ,they have all the replays right in front of them.Instead of replying with a well thought out reply Chris replied with his emotions ,not up to the standards of a professional journalist and panel member of the football broadcast.
Contact TSN ,give them your opinions !Give it to them!

Done for TSN, although it was a bit difficult to find the contact address. I didn't follow up on CFL. They at least have the courage to admit their errors.