Contact the CFLPA on behalf of Anthony Gargillio

Well CFL fans If you wis h to voice your displeasure here is the email RE: Stu Laird

Here is my two cents worth 05, which I just emailed:

Mr. Laird,

Do you guys really believe that this is right? One person's career is over on a true cheap shot. Instead of making sure both players were well represented, you just decided that Jiminez was more important to you than Gargiulo is, and that is truly sad. Mr. Laird , you should resign your position as the head of CFLPA.

Your union , along with the league has no credibility when it comes to protecting ALL of your players that you supposedly represent. This is truly a very big black eye for the CFL and CFLPA.

Well written Sambo, may I plagerize and copy that?

Sure, feel free

Great Sambo I wish I would have been that nice. :lol:

You need sugar to make lemonade..

Excellent. Thanks 05. I'll get working on an e-mail tonight. Hopefully enough people e-mail him.

What you all are missing is that this is not jiminez against anthony, but it is jiminez against the league. This is why they represent jiminez and only jiminez.

If anthony sues jiminez and the league then officially supports jiminez, then you gots a beef.

The problem FYB, is the representation is one sided regardless. I challenge you to tell me what is the union doing for Anthony Gargullio. Your right it is the union vs the league on behalf of the moron. But the problem is the victim has been left behind. This could have easily been settle had Wally manned up and removed the dummy for a game and not dragged this mess on for many months. The fact you have a mental midget now getting off he thinks he can get away with this type of game play. If your a player it has to be in the back of your mind to think that what if I get cheap shotted what happens then.

I agree with ya FYB

Its not because as FYB and I have both said, its is Jeminez VS the league.

Do you really think that any union should have the power to pick and choose what they will and will not fight for?

His dues were paid and the union MUST fight for him.
BTW how hard they fight is another matter.

AS for the representation being one sided, maybe it’s not. For all we know maybe the union is trying to do something to help Laird. Actually I would be very surprised if they were not.

Hopefully they will respond to the emails and shed some light on the matter

A union is only as strong as the hearts of its members.... The players are getting the representation they deserve.

All except for Gargiulo, who only recourse is to take Jiminez and the league to court. Gargiulo paid his union dues, so why didnt the union fight for him on his behalf as well? I don't think I will get a response, but if I do, how lame will the PA's response be to my email?

Why take the league to court?
They suspended Jimenez and were overruled.

As for the union fighing for Gargiulo, how? With whom?
And as I mentioned before, maybe they are trying to do something for him

Well Ro your right the league did try to do something but not enough. One they should have ordered Bouno to hand over the clear evidence to what occured. The judge should have heard from the employee of the CFL did they. Did the league want this swept under the carpet not sure. But your right they tried. As for legal action he could sue the Lions and Jimenez. That tape could be had through his lawyer. We will see. The good thing is the Stamps stated regardless of his career they will look after him the best they can. Jimenez will continue to cheap shot players and low class Wally will defend him. :oops:

I think they could have had someone from the PA represent Gargiulo at Jiminez's arbitration hearing, you would think that they had to realize that both players involved needed to be dealt with fairly, but apparently that did not happen.

First, from what I saw, I think he should have been suspended, but guys this hearing was about a player being suspended appealing that suspension, nothing more! It was the league against Jiminez. The fact is that the league felt Jiminez did wrong, he appealed and the arbitrator ruled it was an accident! In reality the severity of Gargiulo injuries were irrelevent to the finding of fault or not.

As an example, recently my son was a victim of a random street assult. The guy was caught and brought to court, now there was two lawyers in the room, one for the defendent and one for the crown. We did not have a seperate lawyer in the room to represent our view, because that was the role of the Crown.

So in reality, the league was there representing Gargiulo, there was not just one lawyer from Jiminez!

Now had this been a hearing about what sort of compensation Jiminez should pay to Gargiulo, that would be a different situation, BUT THAT IS NOT WHAT THIS JUDICIAL HEARING WAS ABOUT! It was a case of an employee contractor contesting how the boss was dealing with him!

This is sad. You KNOW I tore Stu a new one. Can you say civil suit? I hope karma works for Anthony this season. He shouldn't let this take him out, I hope he gets better and comes back better than he was to face Mr. Jiminez himself. I will fly to that game for sure.


Got my 2 cents in!
You guys are the mickey mouse club leaders of sports throughout North America! You look like Idoits with the hearing and the outcome. The football world is laughing at you and the league office in the matter that it was handled. If you can't find honest people to handle such a hearing, or get the proper video evidence or football fans to testify then you all should be fired.

Lets hope an honest court room will put things back the way they should be when both the leauge and Jiminez are charged! Maybe the hit should have been on you when you played football and you would realize the ramifications of the high jacked tribunal. You know you would be crying foul injustice if you took that illegal hit.

Again someone blames the league!