Constructive Thoughts

Alright, everyone is once again calling for blood and complaining so I though I would ask

What do you feel needs to be done to improve the team? What should coaches specifically be focused on, what should management be doing, what personnel decisions need to be made and how long will it take?

One humble request though, if you are going to recommend a cut, you need to supply a name for viable replacement, either a FA, someone on the 2nd string/practice roster or suggest a trade for the removed cut. Same with any member of the coaching/management staff. It's fine if you want to scream for Austin's head, but who can/would you replace him with realistically?

Myself, I feel we should attempt to pickup a FA running back/returner. Cory Boyd is of course the name that seems to be coming up quite a bit and make Lamar and Gable fight to stay in the backup role. I would consider a trade for some of our receivers who still show promise, but maybe not quite as much as we'd like right now like Simon CC, Onrea Jones for a Corner like Chris Rwabukamba or a sacker with promise like Zach Anderson and make the receiver replacement from the practice roster/free agent pool.

What I would not do is release or consider trading Burris. He's still leading the league in yards thrown. I would also not let go of Austin or Orlando Steinhaur as our defense has been improving each game.

Let coaches and players learn the game as a team.

That's all.

Don't care if it's Bellefeuille, Cortez or Austin.

Got to agree with that. Last two games against the best team in the league and the Cats, a team with an inordinate amount of inexperienced players, were one or two plays away from winning both. The Agro game was the same, one play and they win. If the coaches take 6 games to get the team going there are still 12 games to go. If after 12 games there is only one win, then there is something to be worried about. I have seen some very good things from the Cats this year, especially the D which was a concern last year. I'm not that worried. I have been a bit frustrated watching the games but not that worried at all.

Hard to be constructive with criticism since 99% of the posters are not professional players or coaches. Opinions are all you can get here and most don't have viable solutions that the TC brass have not considered.
Having said that, it will be difficult if not impossible to fix the O line and replace with acceptable players. I don't see why anyone would trade with the worse team in the league unless the other team is dumping salary. Do you think we'd get a starter? No too likely.
Special teams after game 1 has been pathetic. Poor blocking schemes and poor fielding of the ball. Who's to blame? Players, coaches?? Rienbold was let go by Montreal for a reason. There must be better coaches out there. Kicking game is also not nearly as good as last year with the same players.

Can anybody really fix this? I'm starting to doubt it. In fact, unless they can rip off at least 3 consecutive wins there is no hope this year and I doubt 2014 will be any better.

With the size of the current players on contract, the money must be flowing like Niagara Falls. Feel sorry for Caretaker. He really needs to stop being the public good guy persona and get publicly upset with the organization. Stop all the spin to try and sell tickets. People are getting tired of it.
I've watched CFL and NFL for over 50 years. I've had ST for over 35 years. I love football and especially live football. BUT this team is growing tiresome to watch year after year with the results they have. I'm willing to give them this year and next ( only because of the new stadium) but will reconsider for 2015 if they are not at least competitive by winning more than they lose in 2014. I'll save my money and watch from home.

A very sad state of affairs we have here. :frowning:

Very good points so far.

If we loose 2 of the next three, I can see at least 10-15 of 78 players under contract being released. BY will of course what to save $'s on a wasted season.

Of course, I truly hope I am wrong.

Tillman and Austin were great hires...DO NOT blow it all up in the offseason. The years going forward can only be better.

Getting a MLB will help, getting JJ back in his "real" position.

Not sure who is out there and available, but we could use a rush end.

For the first time in several years...I think I like our defensive backfield. With some more pressure up front, this group might be alright.

The O-line needs some help...tinkering let's call it.

3 areas...all fixable.

Too man bad things to say about this team from game 1 to now for me to even waste my time typing .
My new approach to sanity will be to treat thsi year like we are an exa[pnasion team and taking the year to figure out who can play and who cannot .

it is still on austin and the 3rd and 1 keeper is on him …he needs to have a back that can make that play nto a qb liek burris and a soft oline…

Which one?

I think they should work with what we have and quit changing players. How can we have a team when they keep getting rid of guys and bringing in new every day, week, year. The team has to steep, know what each other has for breakfast,lunch and supper. All working on the same page, then working on some tricks up their sleeve. Nothing better than a smooth running machine and maybe they wouldn't have so many guys hurt. We have good players. Maybe we won't win this year, but don't keep changing guys. Practice makes perfect.
The Globetrotters wouldn't be what they are changing guys every couple days.

I spoke with Ang Mosca before the game last night and he agreed with me that we need to get a group of players and stick with them so they can learn our system together. Saskatchewan has kept players and put a system in place. They tweak it by adding players such as Rey Williams who go with the system the team uses. The revolving door must stop!

I was never at the pro level,but,I played for 11 years,my Dad was a coach,and,his Uncle played for the Tigers and the Flying Wild Cats has his name on the Grey Cup 4 times and is in the Canadian Football Hall of Fame...

I'll try to help out...

Firstly,we have to admit this team needs a major personnel overhaul at key,but basic,areas of this game.

The game is won by the team who dominates the line of scrimmage.To that end,the talent evaluation excercise that is necessary should be focusing on upgrading the talent on the O-Line and the D-Line first and foremost...

Any Offence cannot operate if running backs have no holes to run through and no time for a QB to set up to throw.In otherwords,proper drive blocking technique and pass protection fundemental's (sp) are paramount...

This is a definate weakness right now...

Every Defence must be anchored by a group of linemen that can clog holes,get off blocks,and,put pressure on the opposing QB's.When a pass is recognized,any lineman must do 3 things...1.Get to the QB...2.If unable to do that, knock down the pass...3.If unable to do 1 and 2,maintain containment and block the vision of the QB by obstructing the passing lanes...

Are any of these happening on a regular and sustained basis?

Now,I highly doubt we can trade to upgrade like this at the moment.This where talent evaluation with the scouting department comes in to play and this is where a real upgrade is necessary.

Over to Mr. Tillman....

D-line for sure, but isn't this pretty much the same O-line as last year's?

How much of the O-line's ineffectiveness is player talent, and how much of it is coaching, ie blocking schemes, play design rather than fundamental techniques.

Honestly,I believe a lot of it is player talent...And poor fundamentals!!!

The O-Line last year had a hard time opening holes up on the inside.Many times,running backs were getting yardage on their own and first contact was being made at the line of scrimmage.This tells me that our guys are not getting off the ball well and keeping low...An inside runner,who has a lot of leg strength can do well in this situation and cover up the deficiencies of an otherwise poor 0-Line in this situation...We don't have running backs like that right now...

Admittedly,this is a "Pass First" team in a "Pass First" league...(By the way,I would love to see power football come back in the CFL...And I think it's possible considering the size of most LB's in this league...But that's a whole other discussion)...So,pass blocking is probably emphasized over run blocking.I notice our OT's are very slow out of their stance and once up,their footwork is very poor...This is where the most pressure seems to come from when Burris is passing...The Left OT is particularily important because this is Burris' blind side...

Now one could say this is a coaching problem,but by this time,Offensive linemen at this level should have these simple fundamentals down and not need to be treated like a house league player...Again,that goes to scouting...

I remember some years ago, during another futile year, the Cats fired some coaches part way through the season, and one of the new replacement coaches was Coach Sal (John Salavantis). Up until then the o-line and running game were bad, and after his first week of coaching there was a dramatic improvement in the run game the very next game. I'll never forget that.

I believe that O-line blocking is more complicated than most people think in terms of executing schemes that are designed by the coaches. Now I haven't looked closely to compare this year's O-line with last years', but it's my impression that it's pretty much the same line, but with new systems and coaches in place now.

Consider that last year's OC and O-line coach for Hamilton are now in Saskatchewan and they're enjoying a dramatically improved run game and pass protection, while Hamilton's has fallen off. Yes, their talent is better than Hamilton's but how do you account for such improvement. Coaching has got to get some credit.

I know stats don't tell the whole story, but they can tell stories....

Hamilton stats.

2012 --- 41 Sacks allowed (Edmonton was last at 48)
2013 --- 25 sacks allowed after 5 games. last I believe, on pace for 90!

2012 --- 7th in rushing attempts, but 3rd in avg gain/rush at 5.8 yards (99.6 per game, 5th)
2013 --- Last in rushing attempts, 5th in avg gain per rush 4.8 yards (65.2 per game, last)

2012 --- offensive yards per game, 2nd 378.6
2013 --- offensive yards per game, 5th 314.5

Good question. Very good question actually. I'm not quite sure how you answer that.

Bottom line, for whatever reason, we just are not good enough on the D line and O line to compete. Why? I'm not qualified to answer why, that will be for Austin to figure out and I hope he can.

*** late edit ***

Hamilton stats.

2012 --- 41 Sacks allowed, 5th (Edmonton was last at 48)
2013 --- 25 sacks allowed after 5 games. last I believe, on pace for 90!

2012 --- 7th in rushing attempts, but 3rd in avg gain/rush at 5.8 yards (99.6 per game, 5th)
2013 --- Last in rushing attempts, 5th in avg gain per rush 4.8 yards (65.2 per game, last)

2012 --- offensive yards per game, 2nd 378.6
2013 --- offensive yards per game, 5th 314.5

Personally I believe its not how u start its how u finish I don't wanna see no hasty moves done. The montfords etc r hard to come by let's ride the ship and dance with were gonna be there when it counts