Constructive criticism

Hi folks. Been an avid and loyal fan for 5 decades and have followed the 'Cats wherever I've lived (currently Vancouver).

Some observations:

-the team cannot spot 20 points early in almost every game and expect to win very often. Comebacks are possible on occasion

-game changing turnovers happened against us rather than for us. We had a few interception chances while the blue team actually generated turnovers at critical times.

-Argos had a bit of luck such as the trip on a TC punt return, an Argo fumble that bounced their way, and interception oportunities where our DB's couldn't squeeze the ball, field goal misses to name a few
Methinks he was looking for wide open receivers rather than trusting his receiving corps to make the catches as one did in double coverage to get the last td. Chalk it up to inexperience. Porter needs to get rid of the ball sooner.

-Assuming the offensive play calling was controlled from the bench, there was no attempt to stretch the field at an early stage. The absence of attempting some long throws early on really killed us. Even if incomplete or intercepted, a few bombs would have opened up the playbook. When down by 20 pts going into the fourth quarter it's generally too late to start cuz the Argo D would give up short stuff and protect against long gains. Did Gibson not realize this? Apparantly not.

-IMO Porter is good and could be the caliber of Calvillo or better, yet he is unseasoned and should not be expected to carry the load. He, and the team, would've benefited by using Glenn in the 2nd half. Even if Glenn did nothing on the field, Porter would've had the chance for a break on the sidelines, been able to observe and interact with Gibson, and make adjustments next time he was in. He should not have been put in the position to orchestrate the comeback.

-Obie's not stupid, and we will see a competitve team that improves with experience.

'nuff said for now.

We were way too overprotective with the ball last night. A few bombs to Rodriguez would've helped a wee bit.