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Empire theatres belongs to a client of mine and it is the top of the heap in terms of technology and service. I’ve been to all the chains in Canada and Empire is heads and above all of them, the closest would be Cinama Guzzo and they can’t match what Empire brings.

Went to see the Avengers last night on Extreme 3D. Bought and PICKED MY SEATS over mobile app on Android. The seats are ultra large suspension system backrest in antimicrobial fabric all set up in a very steep angle, Even a six year old won’t have to worry about a tall adult sitting in front of them. the curved screen is larger than an Imax and there is 15 000 watts of sound.

How in the world can that woman pass judgement on something she hasn’t even seen. Anyway Ottawa is in for a treat. If it can get passed this group of crazy.

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Quick update from the Ottawa Sun:

It's time to move the Lansdowne Park redevelopment forward, Ottawa council decided Wednesday.

Council agreed to advance $12.6 million from the project budget to relocate the Horticulture Building, demolish the Coliseum building and clean contaminated soil. The city can work on those areas, despite waiting for a decision by the Friends of Lansdowne on whether the community group will ask the Supreme Court to hear its legal challenge to stop the redevelopment project.

The FoL claimed they would not drag their feet on a decision. We'll see. :roll:

You know they'll take the full six months to create doubt. They are also on record that they will start harassing the province trying to use heritage leverage to slow down and block things. Unreal...

I hope they leave room for the safe injection site and the welfare office! :lol:

One gentleman suggested a while back that this colliseum building they're preparing to destroy be given heritage designation. Here's what the Citizen says about it now:

Also, heritage experts who’ve been unable to examine and document the second floor of the Coliseum (most of the building dates from 1926, though parts are older) because it’s too ramshackle to walk in will get a chance to work there if the city can possibly arrange it, city planner John Smit promised.

Yes, by all means let's make that untouchable. :roll:

And there's nothing special about it. It's just a red brick building. But it's old so it should be heritage.

Apparently demolishing it is crapping away our history, but letting it decay slowly is far more respectful. See all the useful things you learn when you follow this ordeal? :lol:

Thank heavens. :roll:

EMC news - In anticipation of the reconstruction of Lansdowne Park, the Glebe Community Association environment committee wants to see the flowers and plants at the adjoining Sylvia Holden Park relocated.

The plants were placed in Sylvia Holden Park by residents and the association's environment committee in an effort to beautify the neighbourhood.

With the start of reconstruction work at Lansdowne Park moving closer, the head of the committee, Carol MacLeod, wants to move the plants to a new location to make sure they are not damaged during the work.

"It is important to us to save the flowers," MacLeod said. "To make it happen, we needed permission from the city to remove the plants."

The committee has sent their request to the city.

John Smit, who is managing the redevelopment project for the city, said there are no concerns with the community removing plants from Sylvia Holden Park.

However, when they will be moved is still up in the air. Smit assured the association that the plants can be moved before construction begins.

There you go... Didn't take too long. Borderline madness. someone needs to go scrap any gum that might be on the benches before they tear down the old stand. Might be some precious DNA from a native chief or the cure to Cancer in one of those gums.

It must be hard living in the Glebe. You're always either concerned or shocked.

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I guess the nimbys have not watched "Holmes Inspection" have they. What do they want.... leave it there and let the building
deteriate and have the asbestos spread around the neighbourhood ?

Exactly rcon, if they had brains they would want these asbestos buildings etc. cleaned up and fast and everything there cleaned up for that matter. :?

This is the type of people they have there:

"It now falls to them to make sure they don't contaminate the neighbourhood," said Bryn Askew. "They say one thing they mean another. If they said good morning you couldn't trust them it was the morning."
I'm sure that the builders want to contaminate the neighbourhood with asbestos. Makes me shake my head

The normal people who live in the neighborhood must be embarassed on a regular basis.

I'm not sure what's worse, a neighbourhood contaminated with asbestos, or one contaminated with B.S.

I hope they start getting the shovels in the ground now for the stadium renovations/building in Ottawa.
Until the enemies of Lansdowne put in an official appeal construction can go full out.
I would be great to have 9 teams for 2014 and hopefully pump that up to 10 by 2018, but Moncton or Quebec needs to get into gear for that to happen.

I might be going by there tomorrow and I'll have my camera with me, so hopefully I can snap a couple of shots of what IS going on. :thup: It's probably just stuff around the Horticulture building.

I also want to get a picture of the Lansdowne Park Conservancy guy weeping on his porch. :lol:

Post up those pictures you take CRF :slight_smile:

The problem with CFL teams can be stadium, as well as ownership.

One of the biggest problems with Toronto is their stadium. For one it's not built for football, it's a baseball stadium and it's way to big for the market. It's the same issue that Montreal had back in the 80's playing in the big O. TO has a great owner right now.

It's really too bad that Hamilton did end up going with a stadium in Hamilton, the possibility of a stadium being build half way between TO and Hamilton and used by both teams could have saved both teams, they would be able to split the costs for the stadium(or else Hamilton could lease it to TO for a better deal then TO in Rogers, essentially the same in the end) and both had a brand new CFL style stadium.
Look at the Bombers,(my team) they are looking to make an extra 4-5M annually at the new digs vs. Canad Inns stadium and this is a team that MADE over $2M last year, to Bombers are now going to be able to consistently generate a profit, although there is stadium repayments that will need to be made because of how much the Bombers are on the hook for.

If the Argos could do something similar, except with a 27-28K seat stadium and 50-100 suites, built to allow future expansion in two phases of 34K and 40K, they would have the facility problem solved. For some reason(not sure why) I have a feeling the Argos would do better if they were more North and/or East of Toronto(York University might work nicely)
In addition to the issues for the Argos is that playing at Rogers schedule gives then a HORRID schedule. They have a mid July Wednesday game, a Monday game the week before labour day weekend. Their schedule is messed up.(although the weekday afternoon pre-season game could be genius if their deal with locals schools gets the stadium packed with over 40K, even if those students are only paying $10-15 for cheap seats.

It's a similar problem with Ottawa in that Frank Claire as it was in 2005 was not the best facility for football, it needed work. And as you mention Hamilton has issues with Ivor Wynn. They just weren't built to be modern pro-facilities.
Ownership is definitely the problem out east(Quebec or Maritimes), the exception may prove to Moncton(and hopefully will be) as there seems to be a will there to hold touchdown Atlantic annually and in 2013 Moncton might hold a whole bunch of Hamiltons home games, if they are able to show consistent support in 2013 that could push them towards a team relatively quickly(like 2017-2020)

Hopefully Hamilton increases the seating capacity for their new digs then for some reason the new stadium might only be 22K seats, which seems a little crazy to have under 25K seats but if they can get fans paying $52-53 on average that will work.

Most owners don't tend to buy a team to make money, they tend to own teams more to say they own a team, but they for sure don't ever buy a team to lose money... well unless it's the Pheonix Coyotes :stuck_out_tongue:

This is hillarious the Glebites chaining bycyles to trees to stop them from being cut down at Lansdowne:

[url=] ... OttawaHome[/url]

Here's the Citizen article about that.

OTTAWA — Crews abruptly stopped chopping down trees on Holmwood Avenue mid-Tuesday morning after receiving word from city hall they were never authorized to start removing them in the first place.

The city was supposed to mail letters to the street’s residents informing them of the date for the removal, said David Chernushenko, the councillor for the area.

That’s why he said he was “shocked? to receive an email earlier in the day about the removal. He then asked city officials to put a stop to the removal so people in the area could receive proper notice.

“Residents will choose to grieve the loss of a park,? he said. “That’s basically a neighbourhood’s park and it has been for decades and this is a big deal to people to lose their park.?

The construction workers had turned off their equipment by about 11 a.m., but not before chopping down dozens of trees covering about a half of the block.

A handful of local residents, meanwhile, chained bikes to the work crews’ equipment Tuesday morning in protest against the city’s decision to remove the trees as part of the redevelopment of Lansdowne Park.

Holmwood resident Martha McKeen said she and the other protesters were going to remain at the site until Mayor Jim Watson or the councillor for the area, David Chernushenko, came to see them in person.

“We want this space conserved,? she said in a telephone interview from the corner of Holmwood Avenue and O’Connor Street, close to where the removal was taking place. “We want to keep this space the kids to use. They spend all of their time here in the summer and in the winter as well. It may seem like a patch of grass to some but it’s not to people on this street.?

Chernushenko said he planned to go visit and speak with them later in the afternoon.

The tree removal will proceed at some point, he said, but only after they mail out the letters to the residents.
Read more: ... z1wwKQeyje

McKeen is typical for the area. They don't own it, but feel entitled to dictate how it's going to be used.

Their cries of outrage are now a sweet, sweet melody...