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Here are the basics (from the Ottawa Sun):

The signature design element of the redevelopment, the stadium has been marked for renovation [b]starting in June[/b]. The south side stands have been taken down and a deal reached to locate the winter sports dome at the planned University of Ottawa sports field on Lees Ave. The underground parking garage will begin construction around the same time. [b]The north and south side stands are expected to be done by December 2013[/b]. Meanwhile, the city is waiting from FIFA to see if Ottawa has been selected to host the Women's World Cup in 2015 at Lansdowne. The Ottawa 67s will move to Scotiabank Place for two years during the Civic Centre renovation. Professional football and soccer could begin in 2014.

Hell yeah! :thup:

Here's what I was looking for. I may have posted it elsewhere but it's most appropriate here.,-remediation-contracts/1

The city has received three preliminary submissions for the construction of the stadium, parking garage and site services - PCL Constructors Canada Inc., EllisDon Corp. and Pomerleau are in the running - and the tender is scheduled to close in early May, according to the committee report.


A separate tender for the soil excavation and remediation, demolition of the Coliseum building and foundation construction for the relocation of the Horticultural Building will be awarded to a company prior to the award of the main stadium and garage construction works, and this separate package will also be managed by the city. The tender has been submitted to the three aforementioned pre-qualified companies and the city is ready to receive contract bids, said Wayne Newell, the city's general manager of infrastructure services.

Last date I saw for the tender closing was today. I should try to find it again. There were four companies listed at the time, so one may have dropped out.

You’ve got the 3 biggest in Canada… The fact there were no extensions suggests that everything has been ready for a while. Looks good.

It'll be exciting in Ottawa to see this develop, not just the stadium but the entire project. I think in the end even the detractors will see it brings vibrancy to the area. It's much more than the stadium alone.

Finally. Hope The FOoLs go to hell. :cowboy:

Less than a week later...

Stand by for a major international soccer announcement this afternoon when FIFA President Sepp Blatter will reveal names of the Canadian cities to host the 2015 Women’s World Cup finals.

No confirmation yet, but we can confidently expect Ottawa to be included in a Summer 2015 event that will show off our city to TV audiences all around the world.

Not my kind of thing, but I'll post it anyway since it was one of the things at stake throughout this ordeal. I wonder if FIFA had been holding off, or if we came THAT close to being left out? Friggin' NIMBYs...

Ottawa has been confirmed

The last time Ottawa hosted the women's FIFA they had HUGE crowds, I think they were the best attended women's games.
I know that they had a crowd of 45,000 on one day.
They had big crowds for the soccer at the Francophone games too a few years ago. Ottawa will be a great professional soccer city it will be a money maker for OSEG. The advantage with pro-soccer is that there are two or three times as many home games and there is all the "exhibition" games possibility with European teams playing here.

Yeah, I think the expectation is 18 home games for the soccer team.

Eh. I really don't like soccer, but for the sake of a few friends who have attended lower level football games, I'll probably take in a couple of games. I don't know what kind of crowds they're expecting for the local team though.

Glad to see this event confirmed however. I may have nothing to do with it, but I know it's good to have anyway.

What league are they going to play in... Things are kind of messy right now on the pro soccer front with the MLS killing the NASL by stealing markets.

What's great is it will rally a bunch of citizens who may not be football fans but are soccer fans against the Geriatric Fols. I like it.

NASL was the original plan, I believe.

Actually, MLS and NASL have quite a good relationship. NASL commissioner David Downs has repeatedly promoted NASL franchises as a gateway to MLS. This is because four of the last five MLS teams established themselves first as successful second-division teams before being "promoted". The hope is to attract potential owners with a long-term plan of establishing a franchise, building stadiums, developing supporter cultures, and driving attendance into to 8-10k range. Sure, some of these might make it to MLS, but the rest of the owners and supporters would continue to develop successful NASL teams while chasing the MLS carrot.

It would be great to see an MLS team and the Rough Riders strike a stadium deal that could ensure the prosperity of the two teams (and also through their owners the Sens and 67s)

MLS league is way overpriced with franchises supposedly selling for an unbelievable $40M.
While NASL is maybe $500K and there is really no difference in the quality of play.
Either way the football team will control the stadium and manage same.

I call BS on the 40 million. There is no way Saputo paid 40 million dollars for a franchise. They are playing games. From what I’ve read the 40 million is paid as a percentage of PROJECTED TV revenues. In other words its a bookkeeping trick.

Yes you maybe right on Saputo as I recall a couple year back he rejected the MLS price and someone can correct me on this, but he was willing to pay maybe $25M. Even this figure is way over the top.
The MLS and their a..hole of a commish Garber said no, but a year later when his ponzy scheme found no other suckers came crawling back to Saputo.
I seem to recall how Vancouver and Portland got in also for substantially less than the going price.

In her column, Joanne Chianello asks some important questions concerning the future of the retail component at Lansdowne Park.

The Retail leasing at Lansdowne Park is not being done without a plan. The Ottawa Sports and Entertainment Group through its partner Trinity Developments, continues to advance the leasing strategy in keeping with council's requirement to create an urban village unique to Ottawa. The urban village is not only our objective; it is the will of council as set out in the agreed Retail Mix Strategy.

And it is consistently under review. The J.C. Williams Group Ltd., the city's third-party retail consultant, has been overseeing the leasing initiatives of OSEG to confirm that the leasing is consistent with the approved Strategy.

Chianello takes issue with two of the tenants announced so far. One is the LCBO. While it is true that there are numerous outlets in Ottawa, the LCBO has indicated that their new Lansdowne retail facility will provide shoppers with an experience unmatched in this market. Store visitors will benefit from a greatly expanded product selection including a tasting and culinary sampling area. This will be comfortably laid out in larger and more customer-friendly floor space than any other available in the area.

Chianello also described the Empire Theatre Building as "huge." In fact, at 10 screens, it will be fairly modest compared to mega complexes in Ottawa. The Lansdowne Building will have state of the art auditoriums with curved screens, wide rocker-style seating and 3D capability. The "Empire Extra" area will provide a superb customer experience with advanced reserved seating, an expansive lounge, expanded refreshment offerings, and large rooms for community and group use.

The same can be said for Whole Foods, a retailer noted for its natural organic food offerings, as well as other products destined for the health-conscious shopper. Their customer service and personnel management strategy are also of great pride for the organization and through their foundation works, they engage directly in the community that they serve.

These are just some of the components as we work to build an urban village that will be a welcoming gathering place for all.

Roger Greenberg, Partner, Ottawa Sports and Entertainment Group

Read more: ... z1uKaJDRYF

Every article that I've read by Joanne Chianello in the Citizen has been anti-OSEG and againts the development. Obviously she must live in the Glebe or is part of the FOoLs. On another note, how do I show a graphic image on my signature ?