Conspiracy Theory:Paul McCallum impostor playing for Riders

I believe Paul McCallum is hiding somewhere in South America and an impostor - look-alike is playing for the Riders. Paul never shanked a punt like that guy did on saturday. Look closely at the photo and you can clearly see this is not the same man who kicked for the Riders last November. Someone said they saw Paul catching a flight out of Chicago last Feb. to Sao Paulo Brazil. Next game look closely at the man claiming to be Paul and you will swear it is not him!! This should be a Federal Gov't investigation, a commission of sorts! We must get to the bottom of this conspiracy. I think it smells of an Eskimo plot because the Riders beat them last year. Those business men in Edmonchuck have tons of dough! Any other theories??

Riders Rule
despite the conspiracy

nice to have you back turk

but honestly who in their right mind would ever change their own appearance to look like paul. The man ha no chin, and the cheesiest mustache in the world.

LOL nice one Turkeybend

One should go to the Mustache Shop and ask who brought that one McCallum lookalike mustach.

nice.... if you like random conspiracy theories go to this site... ... not sure where it is in there but the site isnt that big... the conspiracy theory must have taken some time

Turkey Bend.....I need an honest, honest answer.....Are you really Marty York? :wink:

  • I have been called many things on this site but being called Marty York- Yuck!!!
  • A report in the Gull Lake newspaper reported that McCallum was seen kicking balls with some locals in Brazil last week. How is it possible foir him to be in two places at once. Forget the Gomery commission, put our taxes to work and investigate this charade. It is an obvious Eskimo plot to diisrupt the confidence of the best team in football. I did not think Hughie Campbell could stoop so low but then again the Campbells were sheep stealers 500 years ago in Scotland ,and, did anyone see Braveheart- yes it was the Campbell clan who were the traitors. Send Paul back to us you swine!!!

riders Rule
Esks drool!!

I’m sorry Turkey…accept my apology?

After missing that field goal, wouldent the eskies want him kicking?

Yes they would, and so would every one elses team!