Conspiracy Theory? How do Argos afford salaries?

LOL, read my post, slooooowly. Never said Ti-Cats are not bringing in new players. The problem is not many of those you listed are very good, which proves my question "What are they doing?" Do you actually think half you listed will make the team, a third? My point was, why not sign some decent players, so we can talk about them. Seems everyone is pre occupied with all the Argo signings, which mostly played IN the CFL last year (KJ, Ebell, Hoffart) The 2 big NFL signings (WOW so many) do not hurt. Jury is still out on Boston, but I think Bethel Johnson was a genious signing.

As for NFL players, how did the great Tim Rosebauch fair in black and gold? People act like the Argos are the only team that does it. If you look at the history of almost every American player in the CFL last year, you will find that they played for, or were at least in some NFL camp, in their lives.

Once again, why don't some people get it??? Anyone?

Joseph's contract is believed to be around $350 000 while Bish is around $150 000. Printers is just under $500 000. So if HAMILTON can spend half a mill on ONE player why can't TO spend it on two?

Here is some simple math. With a 4.6 mill cap for 47 players, minus 500 G's for the QB's, Toronto has $91 100 each available for 45 remaining players while Hamilton has $89 130 for their 46.

Sign some big contracts and your average drops, sign some deals and steals and your average can grow. The Argos Boston and Johnson are in no position to command over the 90 000 average, so they are probably deals along with O'Shea, who took a long time to come to an agreement probably due to the reduced salary. So teams may have some "names" but it doesn't mean they are spending the money though.

LMAO...Prove that these players aren't very good. Because you've never heard of them? Had anyone heard of Cam Wake before last year? Had anyone heard of Pinball Clemons before he was in the CFL? Had you heard of most of the current Argos before they came to the CFL? Other examples:

Geroy Simon
Ricky Ray
Dave Dickenson
Anthony Calvillo
Matt Dunigan
Henry Burris
Milt Stegall
Charles Roberts
Mookie Mitchell
Earl Winfield
Willie Pless
Damon Allen

Among so many others...
Had any CFL fan heard of any of these guys before they came up here? In fact, 90% of non-imports who come up here, are no-name guys who the average CFL fan had never heard of. Obie is known for finding diamonds in the rough. Just because you never heard of these guys, please don't underestimate them. This is the problem with Argo fans. Unless, they had somewhat of a name in the NFL, they assume the player is no good.

As for the 'big name NFL signings', you are bang-on when you say that most Americans have spent time in NFL camps. It's true. What I am talking about (as well as the rest of ticat fans) are washed up NFL guys who used to have a big name. Greg Mohns even admits he likes to sign players who have made a name for themselves in the NFL. And I guess there's nothing wrong with that. But the argos have too much talent that I don't really think these washed up names are needed.

And I agree with Timm Rosenbach. He was a washed up name from the NFL. We pulled a total 'Argo' on that one :smiley: . But guess who our GM was at the time... Greg Mohns.

Hey maybe I need to brush up on the Ti-Cats prospects, but after reading my daily spectator and previous posts, many of the players you listed are long shots or as in another thread discusses, expected to be cut. Aside from Miles, the Cats do lack the CFL veteran signings that other team like the Argos have made this off-season.

While many unknowns have become stars, it is uaually 1, maybe 2 a year per team. While many are hoping another "Winfield" is in this group, it's very unlikely.

Exactly what are we arguing here? I orginally defended the Argos for signing 2 NFL players which we've proven every team does and I stated that the Cats have been lacking on their free agents, particulary CFL vets. Without listing all the new Argo rookies, I think you helped prove my point(s).

I could swear Hamilton/Toronto was a rivalry :wink:

Salaries don't win games or cups, teams do with team work and a well rehearsed playbook.
If the "salary argument" was true the New York Yankees would win EVERY year.


they win most frequently.

Yes, but the Yankees won their WS when the majority of their star players were people brought up through their system (ie. Pettitte, Jeter, Williams, Posada, Soriano, Rivera, etc...). Their salary back then wasn't nearly as high as it is now (and yes, I understand inflation has a part to play in it). When they started paying for Clemens, ARod, Santana, and all the others, they stopped winning championships.

I didn't mean to turn this into a baseball conversation, just trying to help prove the previous poster's point.

Yanks would have won a lot more had they not been managed by 'clueless joe'. the important thing is they win the division every year, make the playoffs and compete. Fans dont care how its done. If you spend it you will win and we will come. If bob young opened the wallet and spent like crazy to build a championship with no regrad to the cap i would be a very happy boy.If you get caught the penalty isnt any worse then what you get away with. The under the table stuff in toronto has been rumored for years. Free lease on truck, condo to live in, 50k under the table. The best is when a city gives a star qb a weekly radio show and it ends up he gets paid 20k per show through the team filtering it to the radio show through sponsorship. My cowboys are great at that, multiple felons they may be they do win adds up in the cfl. If your in the nfl making 17 mil who cares? but in the cfl if you have a salary at 200k or less....suddenly it makes a huge difference and is really easy to do. people used to complain when oshea left for a few thousand more like he was a Jackass, means a lot if all you make is 250K, I would leave for an extra 50k in a second. Its a business after all. so thats all argos do, sweeten the pot under the table and its been rumored for years.