Conspiracy Theory? How do Argos afford salaries?

Okay, this is just me rambling and waiting for the season to start, but I do have a few questions:

  1. How do the Argo's afford all these players? They just signed an Patriot (forget his name) and now Vanderjagt. Add to that the trade for Joseph and it makes me wonder. Joseph left because Sask couldn't pay him anymore... but Toronto seems to have higher salary players yet can STILL take on more. I'm sure there's an explaination though.

  2. Do you think the league secretly allows Toronto to get away with things like salaries, recruiting practices, etc? I'm not being a whiney fan complaining that most Ex-NFLers end up in Toronto... I'm just wondering because in reality... if Toronto does well... it's much better for the CFL's survival than if a team like, say, Winnipeg does well.

Baby is crying, gotta go.

OK sir do you have any facts? Any contract figures? Do you know how much any of these guys signed for?

Rusty, I'm going to cut you some slack because you have a new born in the house. We don't use the "A" word around here and normally you wouldn't have made that mistake.

The blue team cheats. It's just that simple. However, cheaters never prosper as proven by their home field, a concrete convertible.

While I wouldn't go so far as to propose a conspiracy theory I do still wonder how they can afford these players. Maybe that Boston fellow doesn't command as big a paycheque as I would think. Or Vanderjagt? Or is there a loophole that I'm not aware of. Are they "paid" from a different source? or in a different mode...say a free house? or shares in a company?

First of all... don't call me "Sir" - lol.

Secondly, I don't have any stats or figures... THAT'S WHY I ASKED THE QUESTIONS.

Like one poster said... do they get paid from a different "source"? Are they offered free homes, jobs, etc?

I don't know these answers.

BUT, IN MY OPINION... it seems fishy.

how did toronto have a higher salary than the riders last year, if the riders went over the cap and the argos did not?

they bring in KJ, vanderjagt and ex-patriot ( bethel johnson ), and release damon allen, rocky butler, jordan younger, john avery, robert edwards and prefontaine and tony miles.

i swear, ticat fans only look at who the argos bring in, and dont notice who they let go, then cry foul.

Paul Godfrey pays all the argos players under the table cause he so wants the argos to succeed.

I doubt if ex-NFLers Boston and Johnson are in any position to command top dollar. The CFL is their last kick at the can and they know it. In the case of Mike Vanderjagt, he's made his millions and is probably just happy to get a chance to kick for another year or two in front of 'hometown fans' before retiring.

I think the main advantage TO has over other teams when trying to lure Americans north is that it's a reasonably well known city. The bright city lights help.

An Argo-Cat fan

and hey, its just like being in the states anyhow.

It wouldn't suprise me at all if there was something going on with the league and toronto, because the argos do seem to be their little darlings.

I don't really give a crap tho as long as we beat them on Labour Day :slight_smile:

.. And every other day lol


Do you really think these ex-NFL players are making large salaries? Most of these guys are making 50-60 thousand a year when they come to the CFL. The minimum salary is 41 thousand..

I agree the ex-NFLers might not be making big money, but I do see where Rusty is coming from. They've got some long time vets on their defence who are making good money. It will be interesting to see who else they release because Bishop and Joseph are both pretty big contracts.


Yep. And don't think it's gonna change anytime soon. Call us whiners all you want. You don't have to live just down the road from the Center of the Universe.

How many QBs did they just have hanging around all of last year some making big bucks. Those Boatmen are real low life and cheating is part of their game plan. :thdn:

Wow, some fans can't do the math. Bish and KJ's combined salary's equal Printers. So who's overpaying? If you drop every high priced or veteren players salary recently gone from the Argos, then added up ALL the newcomers, I STILL find more money available than last year.

One more thing, you can sign/invite 1 million players to camp and only 47 make the team. Contracts are not gauranteed. One things for sure, while the Argos are bringing in new players, what are the Cats doing? Ohh they signed T Miles to lead the aweful set of receivers. Yes, give the whinning a break and sign some decent players to make your camp more interesting.

As much as I hate the blue team, this conspiracy theory / cheating is really getting old. No one has any idea what Boston, or Johnson signed for. For all we know they signed for league minimum because they aren't wanted anywhere else.

Secondly as stated above, salaries arent guaranteed so who cares what they signed for because its the final roster that matters.

Umm, look at our roster, and try to say that we have not brought anyone new in to training camp...

Willie Ponder
Dennis Mitchell
Bo Smith
Tre Smith
Jonathan Alston
Jonathan Carter
Quinton Porter
Byron Tinker
Geoff Tisdale
Dylan Barker
Mike Giffin
Laurent Lavigne-Masse
Alan Zemaitis
James Kinney
Cameron Siskowic
Tyrone Sanders
Jacoby Watkins
Calvin Carlyle
Robert Pavlovic
Gerald Davis
Adam Kania
Kelvin Kight
Eddie Cohen
Earnest Jackson
Prechae Rodriquez
Alex Guerrero
Rontarius Robinson (from Sask)
Markeith Knowlton (from BC)

just to name a few...

So the Cats are doing something. These are all guys brought in by O'Billovich, who is a proven talent finder. Just because they weren't high profile signings of former NFL stars (by the way, how has that worked for the Argos in the past?? Andre Rison, Ricky Williams, etc...), you can not say that we are not bringing in new guys. Some were in the NFL, some are straight out of college.

Please do your homework before you make such comments.

I love these excuses. Maybe you wouldnt have to cry if you could just beat the Argos. I didnt see much of that happening in the past 5 years, and i wont see it this year either. And if the Argos can “cheat”, why cant the cats?

Also i cant wait to see the Cats fans predictions for 2008, like the past 5 years its been “first place 14-4”, meanwhile youve barely won 14 games in 5 years. Come on face reality. I dont hate the TiCats, i just hate the lame excuses.

Please name me one Ticat fan who has predicted first place or a 14-4 record in the past 5 years. Is there a posting anywhere that has predicted this?

Just because some idiots are on here with their theories about the Argos over the salary cap (I'm not included in this, I personally don't think it is happening), don't confuse this with making excuses as to why the Ticats are so bad.

Trust me, no Ticat fan right now has any dillusions of grandeur about this team.

Wow, people are getting down right cutthroat.

I understand why ex-NFLers want to come to Toronto. Honestly, if I were some ex-con trying to get back into the NFL I'd want to be in the media capital of Canada, too.


Signing players cost money and for some reason I just don't see how they can sign some of the people that they do. Look at the money they have tied up in Joesph and Bishop alone. Who else can afford a backup at a salary like that?

Hey, maybe there are other teams like that... I don't know.

I'm just fanning the fire here.