Conspiracy Theory: CBC killed fan support in Eastern Canada

I just thought of this!

I find that out west (Wpg, SSK, EDM, Cgy, Van) the whole province are into the CFL.

I find that in the east (Ham, Tor, Mtl) only the people from those cities follow the CFL.

I deal with people in Brantford, Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge, Guelph, etc. and I have found only a couple people who actually follow the CFL and hardly anyone who attends a game.

I feel that unless you are from say Hamilton, you don't really feel what it's all about. I think my generation, (I am 27) doesn't follow the CFL because of all of the media exposure of the NFL.

In my formative years, NFL football was on every Sunday from Week 1 - 17.

If you look back to the late 80s and early 90s when the CBC had games, their coverage didn't start until Labour Day and after that, they would only show 2 possibly 3 games a week.

It wasn't until the mid 90s when TSN got some rights to show games that early regular season games were actually show. CBC then started to show pre-Labour Day games but still, all of the games weren't broadcast.

If a kid out in say Woodstock likes football in the early 90s, what is he going to watch? All 16 games of the Bills or Lions or the 5 games of the Ticats? I'm sorry but it's tough to follow your team without watching them on TV.

TSN has done such a good job in broadcasting every game on TV and attracting more fans to the game. I think the youth of today are more into the CFL that people in their 20s and early 30s.

How can you attract fans not in your CFL towns if your games aren't on TV?

To summarize, the CBC really messed up the growth of the CFL with not showing so many games and giving us Chris Walby to analyze the games. TSN takes everything and makes it successful, take the World Juniors, and I hope when their contract is up, that the CFL does the right thing and renews their TV contract with TSN.

I think, correct me if I’m wrong, CBC had some sort of a mission with baseball and the Blue Jays and said summer is baseball in Canada and wasn’t interested in the CFL. I agree that TSN has been more of a blessing than what a few people say otherwise because you need cable or satellite subscription to get it, for the CFL and it’s fans and potential fans. But money talks, the next round of negotiations we’ll see but I’m sure and hope it’ll be TSN all the way.

I think the general population has basic cable. If I am not mistaken TSN is in the basic cable package.

If you look at the ratings, the ratings are higher on TSN than they were on CBC. CBC never promoted the CFL, they didn't have much of a lead in show and their announcers and analysts were second rate.

Growing up in Sarnia, we had only the CBC and all the rest of the TV came from Detroit.

If you were to look at a cable TV menu from even 15 years ago the majority of it is American.

It has improved of late but reality is that with satellite TV , And all the American brodcasters...we are going to be overwhelmed with American TV.

As such with the money that is spent on the NFL go the consequences. It might help to have football available in the small schools again, but with all the cutbacks and equipment cost...i won't hold my breath.

To promote OUR GAME, we need to get more young people out to the games to experience it LIVE. The rest will follow as we Canadians ask to see the game!

Theory needs work, alot of work.
CBC shared games with CTV also. Networks dont decide on blacking out games. BoG and owners do.

8) The main and only reason that the CFL lost a whole generation of young fans was because of the "Blackout Rule", that was ordered by the CFL team owners during that time frame !!!
   It was the owners backward thinking at that time that put us in this position today.  Their thinking was they didn't want to give away anything for free!!!  If you wanted to see a CFL game, then you must buy a ticket and attend or else you were out of luck  !!!

  It had nothing to do with the CBC at all as far as responsibilty for killing fan support  !!!!

  That blame lies with the owners themselves back then !!!

What do you mean backward thinking at the time?

Times haven't changed that much. The Ti-Cats choose to blackout 2 games last year, and last I heard will blackout two more this year.

There are some very good points that have been brought up. The blackout rule is BY FAR the most asinine move made by the owners and team presidents EVER. The CBC only broadcasting from LD on basically cut the viewable season in half (Wilf - no stories on how the season used to start on LD - that was then and this is now… lol), and, frankly, the free agent era of the CFL basically started the trend of shorter-term contracts, and a loss of “signature” or “franchise” players on the teams.

But why didn't the CBC start broadcasting games until Labour Day? Half of the season wasn't seen on TV? It's hard to attract fans when you can't see the games.

The CTV deal was in the mid 80s and then there was the bright idea of CFN which lost a ton of dough. The CBC was the broadcaster from the end of the 80s until TSN got some rights in the mid 90s.

I understand the black out rule but wouldn't you have liked to see a week 4 game out in say Edmonton on CBC? That's how you attract fans to the games. Football is a difficult game to listen to on the radio.

Youth are a visual bunch. They like to see things on TV. I am surprised that I am a fan of the CFL because I grew up with the lack of coverage.

If every game was broadcast in the early 90s, you would at least see 9 road games.

CBCs downfall was missing half of the season, then not broadcasting every game in the second half of the season.

I just thought of something. The blackout rule doesn't apply to Windsor or Thunder Bay or Barrie, etc. They would see every game broadcast on CBC. But would those folks who live in those cities really want to follow a league where the games aren't shown until halfway through the season?

For example, imagine that CBC has the exclusive rights to the Maple Leafs. What if they didn't broadcast a single until the after the All-Star break and even then, they only show 75% of those games. You aren't really going to follow them closely because you can't see them on TV.

This is where you really have to give the NFL a ton of credit. They were a league far below baseball in prestige and everything else and most teams played out of baseball stadiums. Salaries couldn't compete with baseball either. And the NFL also was a poor cousin to it's college counterpart that basically all played in football stadiums. But then, I think it was Pete Rozelle, that said the way to go is TV to really market the league and get it out there. And the rest, as we know is history, NFL teams now playing a short schedule, are able to pay high salaries and all teams make loads of money. And most teams play in football specific stadiums even playing a small number of games. So I don't see it so much as an NFL vs CFL thing, it's much more about the NFL competing with MLB and college football in the US. If TV didn't work out for the NFL, the CFL would be total history now IMHO so we have to thank the NFL in some respects to show that football and TV is a marriage made in heaven.

In order for the CFL to continue to be strong and grow, TV is a must, all games must be televised and the fewer the teams that blackout games, the better albeit owners do need some sort of decision making power in this I think.