Conspiracy Theory #489..... right in front of our eyes..... noted in the cover story on Jason Maas's facing his old club twice in two weeks the last remaining piece of the X-file category, stinkiest deal ever in sports history trade between the Eskimos and the Tiger-Cats remains to be put in place, the throwing of both games by Maas so the Eskimos can claw their way back into contention:

"I spoke to him (Sunday) and he did tell me he was going to be fired up," said Maciocia, whose club faces the 2-11 Tiger-Cats its next two games. I just had a good chuckle with him. I care for Jason an awful lot and maybe we can strike a deal with Jason where he can help us out the next couple of weeks."

.....the evidence is there, run with it....

Yes Red it sure looks like the deal is over two years! Maas tanks this year to be insurance of a crossover and now he can tank these two games an Soupy will be for ever grateful! Mean while back at the Hamilton ranch! The fans suffer with not knowing that their team will be in fact awesome for next year once this deal is done! Clear as mud! :lol:

Geez guys, I had to look twice at who posted that....I thought it was another charecter who hasn't been heard of for a while.

Why does Tinkerbell need Maas "to do something for the Family"? Convince Lancaster to put Eakin in and you get the necessary result all the same. :lol:

Well, EE has done this before, like in the 1984 playoffs. However, I do believe that Winnipeg will hold on and make the playoffs while EE doesn't based on a tie.

Who says it will be a tie? :lol:

If there is a tie beteew EE and WPG, big IF, but if there is, then WPG goes though to the playoffs and the EE don't, becase you can't CO on a tie, and even if you could, you would have to have a better record than the team you are replacing (WPG currently in the lead for that), and if that ties, then you have to have a better record than the whole East Division (Easy leads in that as well).

EE only chance at getting to the playoffs is by beating out Winnipeg based on wins, and I don't see that happening.

Lets make it simple.
In order to cross over you must have more points in the standings. Division wins mean nothing ties mean nothing. Only the points in the standings

Ro is absolutely correct!

The EE are 0 - 5 on the road this year, I doubt they can even pull one out in the Hammer, what was it last year 47 - 13 or something and wasnt that Eakin for the Cats.

The Esks are in big trouble!!!!!!!!!!
Ronnie Lancaster is starting at QB

just stating an idea that I had, but that will never fly. Good idea no?

You are asking if the idea that you admit will never fly is a good one?

Sounds more like a misguided explanation to me

Fist thing you said that if you could crossover on a tie you would have to have a better record.
Duh if you have a better record then you are not tied are you?

With Kanga's math you are tied! :lol:

Isn't that the same "fuzzy math" Al Gore tried to impliment in November 2000? And look what's happened since then. :roll:

Bush cheated in FLA ya know!

Ro, why don't we just forget it, and you go back to 13th eh?

why dont you just think a bit before you post?

fine, wil you stop nagging on me then? becase that makes up more then 50% of you total posts, and makes most of my posts look better then yours.

.....according to whom, exactly?

me, and every right thinking preson on this site.