Conspiracy Theory #237........

......Hugh Campbell undermines all attempts this past weekend to prop the Gades up and is instrumental in pushing for a one year freeze on Gades operations.....why?......fearing a stronger team in Calgary and Winnipeg alongside already strong teams in Saskatchewan and BC he does this to:

a) Force the Bombers to the Eastern Division, and,
b) Lower the Western Division to three rivals

....thus strengthening his chances at the EEs making the playoffs for the 35th straight year....evil I say,evil.......

its so crazy it just might be true.

actualy its so not crazy its almost plausible

This would be plausable IF
Winnipeg had a snowball's chance of making the playoffs in the first place! :wink:

Agree with ro1313. Although Red, Braley has to be part of your theory.....I beleive he wasn't overly enthused about keeping Ottawa around.

lol welcome to 4th place saskatchewan

its starting already.......back in the east for only a day and Als fans are already doing their best to convince themselves............4 - 4 against the East last year, without a defensive coordinator..............

We were in 4th place last year genius

how low do you have to be to make fun of a team that becomes the lowest in a division solely becuase your team moved to a different division
I mean seriously

lets not forget, all 4 western teams could qualify for the playoffs or all 4 eastern teams.........only the top 2 in each division are guaranteed spots, the rest are up for grabs..........

R & W , I have only one thing to say to you

Boo Hoo

ur new here sambo, here is the psychology of redandwhite. He likes to make up sarcastic posts that are specifically made to create chuckles, and also to get posters like you to take it serious and then the rest of the people chuckle some more.

Seriously, I think the title should have tipped you off to the fact he was joking.

Well, billy ,the only reason why the Eskimos will make the playoffs for the 35th straight year is because of a first rate organization , not some conspiracy to have less opponents. It may be tongue-in-cheek, but everyone hates sports organiztions are consistently contenders, and would love to see them fail. A good example of that is the Montreal Canadiens, people loved to see them miss playoffs, in the quagmire that was the pre salary cap NHL. Now that the playing field has leveled off we might see some parity. You see that in the CFL to some degree, but organizations like the Eskimos keep winning because they manage to find good talent, so a lot of credit should go thier scouts, but R & W wants to put out silly statements like conspiracy theories so he doesnt have to give credit where credit is due.

Are we sure there will be a crossover this year?

The crossover will be there , but with the new alignment, only two teams will miss the playoffs, and those teams will be the Riders and Bombers. Maybe at the end of the season , we can have an unofficial game with the loser being crowned worst in the CFL.

........sit down and cool off there sambo42.......I have never directly dissed the EEs, they are a great organization and have a proud history..........doesn't mean I have to like them though........ :twisted: ........

sambo, i seriously wished you cheered for another team. you sure do have a lot of optimism. And like I said above you are new here (as far as this name at least). If you weren't, you probably wouldn't be saying things like this.

I can't imagine what he will say to Turkeybend when he comes back.

Its not optitmistic, i will concede, but I am being realisitc. Crandell or Greene can put you into the playoffs? Crandell did take the Stamps to a Grey Cup, but cmon, do you really think he can do that with the Riders???

Yes. with the supporting cast he has, yes. All it takes is execution, and a little help on the way with maybe some teams getting some injuries kinda like we had last year.