conspiracy theories ?????????

A friend of mine with too much time on his hand and who tapes every CFL game. I talked to him about 5pm tonight and he has an opinion that all this season when the game gets close, he pointed out around the last 4,3 or 2 mins. the refs suddenly come up with a call that changes the advantage of the game or puts one team against the wall to come back to win. well at 2:58 of the Calgary Lions game that pass interference call showed up and clearly it wasn't even the broadcasters said What? then Simon was clearly pushed out of bounds with a catch! um no call! He might have an case? but BC did not come back ! there might be something here but I'm not 100% the calls have been questionable in the final few mins??????? I have to think about this one! and be fair here if your team won don't just say nope it's all good ! think outside the box and look at other teams/games and officiating!
I'm 2 upset to make a fair statement so I wont! any real honest input here?

If there really were these conspiracies, wouldn't it make more marketing/business sense to set it so the HOME team wins?

It was a phantom call, but if you're talking about the Simon play on the ensuing drive, it was irrelevant as he was offside on that play.

The PI was a huge factor! Forced the Lions to go for a TD. With a field goal, the Lions punt on 3rd and ten to pin Calgary deep instead of gambling and losing on a "where's that call been all night" penalty. The Leos got a two and out and would have been in good shape for the tying field goal.

No matter the outcome, that PI on Banks was absolutely awful and sure looks like the ref was itching to throw a flag and get involved in the outcome. IT WAS HORRIBLE.

If it'll make you feel any better, just think of it as the cosmos evening things out for when Franklin was tackled in the BC endzone a month ago and there was no call.

No you're even.

I’ve been listening to the postgame on Team 1040 and I haven’t heard anything about officiating.

Maybe because youre too busy on your computer to listen?

The pass interference was questionable. But the Simon catch was all completely right. Firstly he was offside so the play is nullified. Also there is no penalty for a push out. If it had not been for the offside it would have been a catch.

nope did not see it that way! he was pushed outta bounds! way before the white line!

He was offside so it doesn't matter.

What is your arguement?

IF, there is something at the root of these late game head scratching calls, I would tend too think certain officials probably have a gambling problem. :wink:

The pass interference was a brutal call, on that I will agree.

The Simon play was the right call there's no way he could have caught that in bounds.

Just my opinions.

It didn't matter, he was offside.

I don’t think the officiating is any worse than in previous years. In fact, overall, it has seemed better. The difference is the number of incredibly close games where calls are magnified.

In a blow out, most people don’t really care about a missed or questionable call. In a close game everything is magnified.

I can’t remember seeing this many tight games at the halfway point of a season for years.

Never attribute to conspiracy what can be explained away by good ol' incompetence.

The refs are absolutely horrid week in and week out. It's embarrassing to the league and it has to change.

To be very honest here I think they have been much better this year then in the past. The only real bad call I have seen is where Armour was tossed. The others are close to call. And really the refs have a better view and they made a judgment call so in that aspect I feel they have been fair. Lat night the PI call against BC may have been questionable from watching it on TV or in the stands but the ref must have seen something to make him throw the flag. The call on Rambo's catch is a question mark because I believe they need absolute proof to change a call. Not sure the video we saw was the same shown to the head ref but the ref decided he was out of bounds. To me that is final the refs call the game not the fans.

Every game, there is at least one call so embarrassingly bad that it tarnishes the reputation of the league. The officials aren't properly trained, they clearly don't understand the concept of precedent, and they even manage to screw things up using video review, which was supposed to help eliminate poor, game-changing calls.

They are jokes and Tom Higgins should be fired.

Every game there are dozens of 100% accurate calls by the officials which helps the game flow incredibly smoothly. Have they made mistakes? Yup. But that human part of the game simply adds to the interest.

It is clear the refs are better trained now than ever before and that they know the rules better than virtually anyone watching on TV or participating on these boards. That has been proven by how many close calls have been clearly proven by video to be right meaning that in a split second the refs made the right call that viewers on TV needed 20 or 30 replays and 5 minutes to see.

Kudos to the league and the refs. They have done a great job this year and Tom Higgins should get an extension. Hopefully the league will continue to put more money and training into the officiating and make it even better.

Why are people complaining about Geroy Simon being pushed out of bounds on that play? Despite the apparent signal from the sideline and the remarks of the commentators, the final ruling was that it was a CATCH.

Think about it, guys: it was a third-down play, and if the ruling was that it was incomplete the Stamps would have declined it and gotten the ball.

Why would they take the penalty for a measly five yards when doing so gave the Lions another play and another shot at the winning score?

Sorry, all you conspiracy theorists and ref-haters: the officials got that one DEAD ON!

Hurray! Now's there's something I can agree with! Thanks for that. :thup: