Conspiracy against MY RIDERS!


[b]It is now obvious the league officials have conspired to deny the Riders a playoff berth.
Riders were beaten by the officials not the Lions last night. Pass interference calls were brutal against the Riders - as explained by Glen Suitor on TSN last night. Hand fighting is allowed by defensive backs.
Riders clearly have the most exciting offensive team with a potent pass and run game.
Jealousy of Rider fans and revenue earned by their loyal support causes Toronto based officials to conspire to defeat our RIDERS but we will NOT give in.

The new CFL Commissioner has to step in and make Travis Lulay running illegal!!! :wink:

Great entertainment with lots of offence and interesting calls. CFL at its best. Dressler is a warrior.

turkey, get with the new rules, the old days are gone. :wink:

I have come to appreciate turkeybend's keen insight and wizardry with distorting events (although there is some validity to those PI calls).

Keep 'em coming good sir! :smiley:

Yes because when it comes to the riders, Suitor is the most unbiased person there is!

Lol, as a Rider Fan, I can assure you that the officiating has not determined one single loss for this team.

WAAAAAAAA - Give me a freaking break. Lets talk about last season when Ottawa was in Sask and there was an direct roughing the kicker call that was not called and on the same play Dressler got a free TD on blocking from the rear in front of the refs that was not called. 2 missed calls on the same play that cost the RedBlacks a victory.

During the coarse of a season every team in the league has calls go with them and other games go against them .
Deal with it. If it makes you feel better I will mail you a crying towel . Green of coarse.

But it is all good. As a Stamps fan anything that hurts or upsets Rider nation , warms my heart.
BTW, stay the hell away from my stadium.

Get him a crying towel turkey;

someone missed the memo on our friend turkeybend.

You go turkey, you go girl. Tell it like it is. :rockin:

That's right. The Riders are lulling the entire CFL into a false sense of security. Gainer is the hidden hand. He pulls all puppet strings. MUHAHAHAHAAA!!!

And the next thought is: Your Poison :twisted:

Now before anyone gets to riled up, I was just taking a little jab at Rider nation.

Fact is I wish ALL CFL cities had the passion of Regina.

Maybe then we would not have the CFL in in serious trouble thread.

The real point was that more players and coaches make mistakes during a game than do officials.
One play does never decide the final outcome.

Now I have to get ready and go to the Stamps - Bombers game.
If the Stamps loose, I will be quick to post all my excuses. ( refs , sun in the eyes , weather - yada yada )

Turkey hooks another one. Well done, sir. :lol:

I think I saw that kid sneaking out of the command centre :lol:

That was some pretty weak back pedaling he did there Chief.

turkeybend 1 brihind88 0 :rockin:

You go turkeybend.

Every year, turkey always reels in one or two "bites" with his comedy stylings. Keep gobbling, turkey! :lol: :rockin:

Yup, turkey works: Agree, keep the gobbling up! :stuck_out_tongue: