Considering the situation, I can live with losing like that. A good effort.

Seasons not over. Hurts to lose but still have to move on and work still needs to be done. Results are just not coming our way.

Results WILL come our way with an effort like that.

……Way to stay positive guys (I mean that cuz I’m having a tough time)…. Positive is about all this club has till the fat lady sings AND the major changes begins …We needed a win here…BADLY…another loss at home…making it 4 in a row and we’ll be looking at …welllllll you know

Good first half, could have been better, need more killer instinct on play calling. Second half was really bad for the offense. Same old same old, good for half a game, just enough to tease you, then back to reality.

No matter how we stand during the reg season, we usually lose this game. The fact that we almost won is something I did not expect. It looked like we went back to the wide open pass coverage in the third and that gave Sask momentum… We are still a first half team !

If we lose next week, I won’t be so forgiving.

Unless Nichols is lights out, it might get ugly. Early pick or 2-out, and the fans are going to let him hear it. How will he react to that? MOS might have to make the call to just start Strev now.

And ofcourse we love to make it hard on ourselves…now we have to win both home games vs Sask to take the season series and very possible tiebreaker.

Speaking of which have you considered that conditioning might be the Bombers' problem given their tendency to collapse in the fourth quarter?


In a different thread I have stated that I’m not sure if it’s the players or the coaching or maybe both.

To me it seems to be a stubbornness to adapt to the other team at halftime. This last game we went back to the wide open coverage after halftime and let Sask catch as they wanted. There is a stubbornness to play that defense in spite of it’s apparent weakness. Look at the way Montreal just played their last game on D. They didn’t change at halftime because what they were doing was working. First for years we don’t adapt and now we are changing when we don’t have to ! You tell me. I can’t figure our coaches out. The other teams seem to like though !

Like bloody hell. The Bombers found another way to lose and Saskatchewan got the two points in the standings. Case closed.


…….Found a way to lose because our qb. can’t get it done in the crunch…Nichols signature play is to throw an interception in the last plays of the game…Two in a row now…one in the Cal. game and now this latest non-effort (on his part)…That to go along with the fact,Harris ran for more yardage than Nichols passed for…Nichols has to sit and if he doesn’t, at least get spelled off by Steveler….If we lose the next one because Mike O won’t make the switch then he should be fired

You just like to argue, don’t you !

How many times do we win this LDC game ? Not often. We just lost two horrible games and we go into Regina and put up a good effort. The breakdown in the latter part of the third and the whole fourth does not take away from the fact we could have won. Alas, we are a first half team… Let’s see how we do next week.
It was nice to see Mr.Harris, Demski and LaFrance all get into the game. I keep wondering why they don’t let LaFrance return kicks and punts. Did he not start out doing that for Ottawa ? Regardless , he’s a tough speedy guy and I would give him the chance. Maybe Fogg can’t handle playing two positions.

I agree with Papa. Nichols does need to sit and watch for a spell. AND we come back to the stubbornness.

I used to hate the scheduling. Other teams would get all the easy teams to play at the beginning of the year and we would be losing against the good teams. The easy teams would get better by the time we had to play them and our year was shot. This year we play the weaker teams early(woohoo) and then WE start to fall apart.

I am tired of hearing MOS say that we have the right guys, we just have to execute. Maybe we don’t have the right guys and maybe he isn’t the right guy either.

Next Saturday will answer my questions. I will wait and see.

No. Right now I'm simply unhappy, frustrated and angry with the results of the CFL games two weeks in a row. The teams which I strongly prefer lost, and to add insult to injury my Fantasy results sucked because I bet heavily on the obvious and that's not the way things worked out. I'm in no mood to look for a silver lining. Quite simply there's none. There's nothing now that can be done about what transpired.

And you've already indicated previously that you don't like me. Well so be it.


Great rant, however sobeit is, in fact, just one word.

Did I say I didn’t like you, Foxy woxy ? Are you feeling hurt ?

I’m sorry…I like you. That better ? ;D

If we don’t make some changes somewhere and we lose this Sat, well… I don’t know anymore. Bakari Grant could not hurt as much as Bowman did. And he’s a legit target for Nichols… All other 8 teams seem to be getting better. I said this before, we seem to plateau and that’s as good as it gets.

Hmmmmm. Learn something new every day. I didn't know that the phrase could be written all as one word, but it seems either is correct.


But the more I look at the Fantasy results from the weekend theangrier I become. It seems that my most hated enemies got mega points in the second half of yesterday's late game! Arrrggghhhh!!!!


I get the frustration with Nichols, and he’s not having a great season. But the blame is not all on him. The reality is that he’s also playing with essentially three rookie receivers (Wolitarsky, Thompkins, Washington). I don’t care about past NFL experience. They still need to show they can do it on a CFL field and read and react to a CFL defense. It’s not happening right now. Wolitarsky has been good the last two weeks. Thompkins has been mostly invisible. And Washington wasn’t very good. He started with a good catch, but that first pick looked like the ball was thrown in his direction and he wasn’t even paying attention to the play but looking straight ahead in the direction of his route. How many times did we see Nichols have to throw the ball away because there was nothing downfield. I don’t care if you’re BLM or Mike Reilly, success is going to be tough with that much inexperience at a key position.

This offense misses Dressler more than I could have guessed. Having him in the lineup helped draw coverage that opened things up for someone like Thompkins. Demski had a quiet game. Moving Adams inside seemed to help, but the ineffectiveness of the other guys helps the defenses slide coverage to him. When the play was breaking down the other guys weren’t getting to an open spot to give Nichols a target. Getting Dressler back in the lineup will be huge.

Losing Foketi to injury was a big blow too. Neufeld moved to tackle and he isn’t good enough to play it. The Riders upped the rush and the Blue had to use Harris a lot to help in blocking, essentially taking him out of the attack much of the second half. They probably could have taken advantage of that aggressive pass rush by running Harris a bit more or throwing to him on a delayed release. Maybe they’re a bit gunshy with that play after getting picked twice the Stamps Dline on the Harris release. This is a reason I would prefer to see Flanders in the lineup over someone like Washington. He has experience, he can catch, he can run the ball, and he can pass protect so Harris can split out to receiver a bit more often.

Defensively - coverage was better than vs the Stamps, but big breakdowns at the worst times. Weak pass rush. Couldn’t hold a lead. And gave up 14 points in the 4th Q after giving up 20 vs the Stamps the week before. D can’t hold a lead and the offense goes MIA in the fourth these last few weeks. We need the team to show up in the 4th Q in the Banjo or our season is effectively over, barring a cross over.

Special teams - a blocked FG? massive punt return against? bigger than usual returns allowed on kickoffs? and subpar job returning by Fogg and Demski. Not a banner day there either. It’s not often our special teams unit gets outplayed like this.

I agree.


……Nichols is supposed to be a leader on this club…He’s not performing at all like he did previously and players pick up on that…Certainly he’s not 100 percent to blame but to minimize his poor play is getting us nowhere fast…We need a change

……I’ve been reading down the line of NFL cuts…A lot of talent out there but nothing coming out of the Bomber think tank to suggest we might just be interested in some of these players…There’s some deadwood sitting on our pr and maybe it’s time to cut bait…I’m not happy with Lankford …Thompkins is a bust and Washington showed us one catch and caved…I think Walters better start reading through some of the names on the NFL released list…While we stand pat(with mediocrity to poor talent) other clubs are filling their roster spots…Posey is a fa. and Argos expressed interest but anyone can sign him…especially after Popp just signed Carter…it would be nice to hear we might make a play for him… Of course standing pat and the loyalty plan is far more important than trying to field a winner…That’s the hallmark of the current coach

So what’s the change you want?

It’s still a bit early to get ahold of NFL cuts. Many of those guys are going to wait as PR spots shuffle around and a few guys get hurt in the first few weeks of the season. Unless of course they get a guarantee they will be released if an NFL spot comes up. I wouldn’t expect much until mid September or late in the month.

As for changing Nichols for Streveler like some fans want, I’m not on board fully. In two of the three starts he threw for under 200 years. And if our receivers aren’t getting open then Streveler is going to be using his legs a lot. And that’s fine, he’s a good rushing QB, only problem is that at some point he’s going to get rocked playing that style. Then what. He is intriguing though. His mobility is something that’s been lacking in Nichols’ play so far, maybe going back to that early knee injury.