Considering all of the *****ing about the Bomber's crowd...

Considering all of the *****ing about the Bomber's crowd at the Eastern Semi-Final did any of the other crowds, with their echo-chamber like domes and their sell out 40,000+ crowds, surpass the 108 decibel level that the 22,000 fans at the Bomber game reached in an outdoor stadium?

bc place had 109

Oh. I had heard 107. Still, considering BC had over 50,000 people and were in a dome, the Bomber fans in attendance at the Eastern semi-final put the Lions fans to shame. I think that goes a long way to show that despite not having the most fans, the die-hard Bomber fans may just be some of the best fans in the league, and don't deserve the put downs they've endured over the past couple of weeks.

I don't recall ever hearing that it was that loud at the Bomber game last week. I'm not saying it didn't happen but I did not hear anyone talking about the crowd being all that loud.

While I can't directly say what the decibel level was, several of the bombers players did indicate that was the loudest crowd they have ever heard at the stadium.

That’s because they had the decibel meter at the Wpg airport. 22,000 for a home playoff game is an embarrassment no matter how much baloney you try to cover it with…

not disputing that fact, just reiterating what simpson and bolden said in the post game

I do in fact suspect that BC topped both Winnipeg and Saskatchewan for noise, but not by a whole lot. I know after the Flick touchdown last week they reported a decibal level of 106, and I believe tonight it was 107 or 108.

where do you get the decibel info from? Lions fans caused a number of procedure calls, it was loud when the Riders had the ball.

22000 is a craptastick number. You cant slag any fans with numbers like that.

When Westwood kicked that last second field goal, it reached 109.

Considering these 50,000 crowds cant beat that, id say the Bomber fans did awesome.

You can when their stadium holds 30,000.

yo know i said it once and i'll say it again, ya it was a brutal crowd at the eastern semi in my city, but the fans that came, came out to cheer. that had to be one of the best cheering crowds i have seen in winnipeg, and with the benches we have in the upper decks of course we got that loud. amazing what true fans can do in an open field stadium.