Consider Casey Printers.

Love Joseph but I'm we don't get Printers, then Hamilton or the Argo's will get him.

Hamilton will forsure make a play for him and to tell you the truth if we get Printers in the eastern div. Not a good thing to see him 3 times a year...
Tdot's Allen - is he coming back? Probably would have retired had he won the cup this year... i think.

Printers in Otown and Josehp in Ham or Tdot... I'd rather play Joseph the Printers...

Just a though... but if Ottawa makes a move for Printers, then invests in the Oline. Keep Ranek and maybe bolster a tiny bit at Reciever...

Meanwhile McManus is done, Allen coming to his end.... Then there's a ray of light for the Renegades in the east at least....

I agree completely about Joseph.... great QB. I also agree about Printers. If there is ever a chance that we can get him here in Ottawa, we should try. Not only will we be getting ourselves an MVP, but it will help sell the team to the city of Ottawa as well. Imagine his face on the Renegades media guide... Looks good to me. The team would be foolish to not even look into the possibility.

You gotta remember who's coaching now - we're going to be using some variation of the run n shoot. So - something tells me Brad Banks is going to be starting here sooner than later. Which is ok by me - unlimited potential. He's gonna be a great one I think. Not sure Printers is the right type of QB for this system.

Personally, I would rather see Jason Maas here, but I'm sure he's going to Hamilton. If you read between the lines, by all logic he should've started last week and should be starting for the Grey Cup game. I'm sure The reason he isn't, is because there's a side deal that he will be dealt to Hamilton at the end of the season. So, which brings me to this question... Why hasn't Ottawa done something ?

Ottawa has done something... including signing long term deals with Hudson and Armstead (so the paper says). They can't do anything until free agency begins. That doesn't happen until February 15th.

If Ric Flair is going with a run and gun system they will need a QB that is accurate and calm under pressure. With Joseph showing numbers high in incompletions and interceptions and skips and longs/wides (though this could be partly attributed to a sad o-line) i don't think he's the guy. Whether it be Banks or Maas or Printers, as long as it's someone who knows the CFL and has been in someone's system.
*Priority 1 after choosing the QB is an o-line. Our O has been a seive for years and it's costing us injuries and wins. Break open the wallet Lonie! Wins equals more gate.
*Priority 2 - get a kicker who is reliable (Can we clone Lawrence Tynes????)
*Priority 3 - get some guys up front on D who can give AC a hand pressuring their QB.
*mgmt Priority 1 - get Tillman involved in any way possible. He can push Forrest's wheelchair, while he does the actual work of running a team he built. Eric also knows CFL talent and has connections in this league.

Ok so Hamtown is going to Maas, I was close enough...

So now it's the Gleiberman's move.

I called it. Hamtown would reload with McAnus retiring.