Consession problems at the Dome

Went to the Game on Friday with the Kids had a great time . The Lion Fans were also cool even though I was wearing my Eskimo Jersey . Great game everyone. My only Problem with that Night was the Consessions , When I bought some pops hotdogs popcorn etc.etc.etc. which were all low quality( but thats for another topic)I tried to pay with Debit as the total was around $40 the attendent swipped my card causing her till and 3 others to shut down. then someone else came over and said cash only . I paid my bill using all the cash I had on hand . later wanting something else I went in search of a ATM many of them were not working and the few that were had 50 people in line to use it . I sure hope they get this worked out in time for the Olympics cause it sure caused a lot of greef . Just wondering If anyone else had the same issues.

Well I think the problem is two-fold.

  1. As a captive audience they feel they can charge whatever they want for whatever low quality food they want. - At our suite for the Canucks we frequently order Pizzas at $28 each (they are $6 supermarket frozen pizzas). Overpricing and low-end food is a sad fact of life in pro sports these days.

  2. I don't mind putting up with poor service and high prices if the money was going to support the team. However in the Dome the food/beverage money goes to the BC Pavilion Corporation - a group we already pay tax dollars to. I say give the Lions 100% of the food/beverages and then I won't mind buying a crappy, luke-warm hot dog.

As for the ATM's; C'mon, 2 of them should be more than enough to service 25000 people during a 15 minute halftime (at least that's what BC Pavilion Corp seems to think)

Anybody else thinking the privately built arena plan for the Gastown waterfront would have been a way better option than a 1/2 billion tax dollars sunk into a new roof on the dome? ...don't get me started on that old can of worms.

I was so looking forward to a new Stadium , But when BC pavilion has friends in high places their is no compition.

My wife and I were willing to pay $7.50 per order for the chicken chinese noodles dish that comes in a carton. The guy filled the 1st order 2/3s full. My wife asked him to fill it right to the top. After all....we were paying $7.50 and buying 2 of them. He refused. We walked away. Later on my wife went to another stand and got the same order. They were loaded to the top. Go figure.

I've heard the chicken is very good. I've been tempted to buy the deluxe burger and fries. It looks so good but I've not done it yet.

Probably has somethign to do with the fact that all the concessions/concourses have just been renovated or are in teh middle of it so cord are getting cut, moved, etc.

I go to Costco before the Lions or Canucks game, they dont check for memberships. Pizza is only 3 bucks and pop is 80cents a cup .

What do you expect? Im surprised they can find anyone to work the consession at all. Do you really think they would get the best people to work 4 hours every couple of weeks for 10 weeks of the year for what Im guessig 10 bucks an hour even make it 20...yeah that will pay the mortgage.

I refuse to buy the crap they try to sell as over priced food.

We always go to a nice restaurant and then go to the game. We might by a pop at the Stadium but thats it


Ya I do agree with you and I've done that many times . But sometimes I get home late from work . Get down to the Stadium by Skytrain not much time to go somewhere nice . Besides It's mostly for the Kids as they love Eating in the Dome (not sure why ?) I was going to go for the Delux Burger but my Wallet dosen't hold that much Money. I do like the $10 Lemons they sell in the cups with Water.