Connor Mc Gough 4th pic

Shall we shut down the forum then?

Oh heavens yes. I was about to comment on something here and then realized that it just wasn't my job. My, my, my.... :oops:

Just as a point of interest, every Ti-Cat fan posting on this forum has won just as many Grey Cups in Hamilton as has the present coaching staff. Indeed, we have won as many Grey Cups since 1999 as have all the Hamilton coaching staffs since that year. So I guess we are just as qualified to comment on the selections made as are the "powers to be" who are "paid for coaching and Scouting"?

Just a point of interest.

Sometimes a really high draft pick bolts for the NFL or ends up being a complete bust. Maybe a kid like McGough is a diamond in the rough who who will actually stick around. Tillman and Austin are not dummies and have decades of experience in recognizing talent.

From a Halifax newspaper, a nice article on the Cats' third round pick:

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Okafor is absolutely sculpted

Qui fait vivre cette équipe? Oui, ce sont ses partisans. Aussi, je crois qu'ils ont quelque chose à dire sur ce qu'ils voient de l'équipe qu'ils encouragent avec leurs visionnements et leurs achats. Sans eux, il n'y a pas d'équipe, et tout ce beau monde pourra se chercher du boulot ailleurs, si compétents soient-ils. Et ce ne sera pas différent ailleurs.

Vous pourrez dénigrer qui vous voulez, cette réalité sera toujours là.

LeStaf has a wonderful way with words and ideas. Thanks for sharing, here on the TiCat site. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Pat Lynch (the old guy)

No surprises reported from the Giants’ minicamp, attended by McGough:

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