Connor Mc Gough 4th pic

What ya think boyzzzz?!$ money well spent DL?

He's one of the Canadians invited to the Giants' mini-camp this week coming

Connor McGough?

Blessed for the opportunity! Can't wait to get started!

I hate the pick. They could have traded down or waited.
Horrible decsion. Even if he turns out to be great we could have gotten him later.

Left right after we lost out on Danny Vandervoort. Connor will be our billy goat. Guys on TSN did not even know if he was an offensive or defensive lineman. WOW what a disappointment.

Will be the worst fourth overall pick ever. High motor great special teams guy fourth overall. You draft those type of guys in the seventh round or sign them off the street. Brutal. Eric Tillman screwed up large on this one. :thdn:

problems happen when you think you are smarter than everyone else and i get a sense of this with our 1st two picks. Lets hope they are right but OMG what a horrible start to this draft.

Cant say im thoroughly pleased with our draft thus far. Most notably the #4 pick

The way BC is piling up the top recievers. I predict that they will win the Cup this year hands down. :thdn:

McGough was apparently moving up draft boards according to Forde of TSN so I really don't think it's a bad pick. Remember last year when they picked Revenberg whom no one had hardly heard of and that turned out to be a GREAT choice. I think I'll trust the evaluation skills of the coaching staff (who know better than we what they need) and the scouting talents of Drew Allemang who's been doing this for some time and probably following many of these players for 2-3 years at least.
I certainly was disappointed when BC snagged Vandervoort but maybe like both Butler and Fantuz he'll decide to return home to play after his first contract is done. As for Scarfone, the receiver that they did draft later, again according to Duane Forde, he would have been ranked more highly had he not been recovering from injury and limited in his combine participation and he is a local guy (London). Sometimes the higher ranked players don't always work out or hang around for long (think Heenan in Sask who chose to retire after a short career) while some of the later round picks - or even undrafted guys - often turn out to be valuable players down the road. They might just need a bit of time and coaching to develop into those great starters. Oh and an invite to a NFL mini camp is no guarantee that a player will be given further opportunity.

Here's a brief Kent Austin interview:

Austin: We think McGough will have an immediate impact

I'm sure Kent had a discussion or two about this player with Dennis McPhee and Drew.

I trust their judgment.

Coach McPhee will turn McGough, Okafor and Vaughn into All-Stars!

Great read here on Coach McPhee

[url=] ... y-1.309204[/url]
:) Some positive thoughts:

This year, the Cats' first pick, at #4, was #20 in the final pre-draft rankings.
Last year, their first pick, at #3, wasn't even in the top 20 final rankings and nobody's complaining, now, about that choice of Brandon Revenberg.

I like the similarity between Revenberg and this year's 2nd HAM pick, Braden Schram, in that they both played at every spot along the OL in college.

It was unfortunate for Hamilton that, through the choices made by other clubs, they didn't get to select one, if not both, of the players they hoped would be available at #4 and #13.

When you look at the 20 top-ranked list, 19 were drafted and only 3 clubs got more than 2 of those players -- EDM with 4, and one or two of them may stick in the NFL -- WPG with 3, one of whom may play in the NFL -- and HAM, most likely IMO to have all three of their to 20 ranked picks at training camp.

Je trouve que les 4 premières sélections de Hamilton ont été de bons choix. McGough était vu comme un joueur en progression et pourrait s'avérer une révélation plus tardive que Luke, mais aussi efficace.

Là où je trouve que la sélection a été judicieuse, c'est au deuxième tour. Schram devrait pouvoir se joindre à la ligne offensive avant longtemps. C'est un bon jeune joueur qui devrait faires son chemin dans cette ligue. Comme McGough, il a grandi dans le système des Dinos qui produit beaucoup de bons joueurs de ligne offensive.

Okafor et Vaughn sont aussi de bons prospects. Certains trouvaient qu'Okafor avait été sous-évalué.

En 6ième ronde, je trouve que les Alouettes ont eu le dessus en pouvant sélection Radford. Il ne jouera peut-être pas comme receveur, mais il pourrait être converti en maraudeur. Si ça peut souvent être souhaitable de pouvoir repêcher des gars du coin, comme Scarfone l'est pour Hamilton, il ne faut pas non plus que cette ambition fasse échapper des occasions. Le temps nous dira lequel saura le mieux s'en tirer.

If you listen to Austin, they DID get their top ranked player in McGough and planned to pick him above Vandervoort. They'd wanted to trade for a second first round pick to try to get Danny but of course he went much faster than they probably expected. They'll just have to try to woo him back to Hamilton when/id he hits free agency which I think they could do (if they want/need to of course) if Ptaszek remains as the OC.

So Schram did play at centre? So now we may know whose name will be listed immediately below Filer's on the depth chart, where Girard's name was?

It's good to have versatile players in the lineup. And I recall TSN making the same point that LeStaf made about the University of Calgary being an OL factory. And maybe our scouts who were at THF during the Vanier Cup game like what they saw from him and McGough.

McGough may not have been rated as high as other prospects, but maybe one or more other teams also thought he was underrated and would have taken him in the first round. And you know how sometimes players who get hyped up leading up to draft day can disappoint and players who are under the radar can do quite well. Some players picked in later rounds can go on to be "steals" and I wouldn't be that surprised if Scarfone turns out being one.

You can't be sure exactly how well a team did on draft day until years later. But I suppose fans will be happy shortly after draft day as long as what gets done on draft day makes sense to them. And if you want to read an article that makes sense of what was done, you can read this: ... ats-covet/

If one has listened to Austin and other coaches often enough, one has to know that while talent is definitely important, they are also looking for other qualities in the players that they draft (or sign as free agents) - things like high character, good work ethic, love of football, good fit in the locker room and of course in their schemes, and versatility. The most talented player available isn't going to be successful (or maybe worth the pick) if he isn't coachable, has poor work ethic and can't get along with others in the locker room (think someone like Duron Carter).

BYF - I agree that Scarfone just may be a "sleeper" pick! And yes the results of the draft take some time to assess completely.

Looking forward to seeing how this crop of players develop over time.

Great post tabbiefan.

It's nice to see that all the Armchair Scouts and Coaches are alive and Lurking , give it rest fellas the powers to be get paid for coaching and Scouting.
Let them do their jobs.