Connection to Edmonton Elks

Curious for all you "Elksksks" fans out there. How connected do you feel to your team now with the name change?

Still the hometown team. Sort of sad to loose that heritage and pride though.

Funny because my mental picture of an Eskimo was a happy person in a big furry parka.

While ridiculous, it really isn't all that big of a transition on these here forums.

Elks and Esks are only one letter different from one another.

Not an Elks fan, just making a general observation.

Lifetime Esky fan. Elks just has no kick. Could not have been a worse name.
Oh maybe one" Pussycats ". Such a scary name ELKS.

Yup, Sort of a weird pick. Every other team I know of picks a fearsome animal for their team.
We picked prey....

But stabby prey who often work as a one unit to thwart attacks by predators. That combined with Elk Island National Park being nearby and their breif past history as the Elks . . . makes sense to me.


I'll be cooking up some elk sausage when they are in town next.

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And why not!! Bet the elk's name is Trevor??? do you know Elk Island Park? Great childhood memories for me and traveled back there last summer to play golf and see the buffalo roam. Neat place that is left to be natural.

To be honest, I think I've only ever driven through the park en route to or from Lloydminster. Might've camped there as a kid, but not that I recall. Mostly just know it from looking at maps I guess.

Is it true, montcreif to the elks, The riders could have used him on the d. /?

You two are very, very wrong. If you don't think an elk is a serious bad ass animal, you've never faced one.

While the name should NOT have been changed, Elks was far and away the best pick for a number of reasons:

  1. It's only one letter off from Esks.

  2. It preserves the double E assonance.

  3. There's a noted historical connection since the Edmonton club was called the Elks in 1922.

  4. Elks are indigenous to northern Alberta.

  5. Elks are a very serious bad-ass animal.

All that being said, my connection to the team which I embraced back in 1959-60 has been reduced. Quite simply I was a fan of the Edmonton Eskimos. The Elks have dropped a slot in my pecking order of CFL teams.


Not an Edmonton fan, but getting used to the Elks name. Like the logo.

Pretty big signing for them. The Elk may contend

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Started going to games in 1957. Owned a farm by ST, Paul, AB.
Elks everwhere and very mild. The point is could be a new name starting with E that younger people would be attracted to. Something that strikes a little bit of fear. Eskimos are indigenous to northern Canada?
So why not ESKs? A strong dog used in the north!!
Elks simble on the helmut looks!!!! Well bad. Just my point.

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I have mixed emotions about it. I was just happy to get em back on the field, that helped me start to get over it. But I've got thirty years of gear that says eskimos. Bottom line we cheer for the city regardless of nickname. It's funny because covid cost us all a year of CFL, without that hiatus I probably would be still mad about the change. I'll proudly wear my established in 1949 shirts and fly my eskimo flag but I guess I gotta update my merch cause lord knows the change cost the club money.


I agree about just going with esks or eskies

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I am still a little mixed on it too. To set aside all that history and tradition because Inuit and Nunavut people were offended by the name Eskimos? When I think of Eskimos I think of happy people who fish and hunt for their food. I think of fur parkas, igloos, and kayaks. I guess I still don't understand whats derogatory about the name.
Name them what you will, I will always cheer for the home team.

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Well yes they are. Are you for whatever reason disputing that point?

The mean weight of adult males is 775 pounds with the largest ranging up to perhaps 1100 pounds. And they have antlers. Try facing one of those across the line!

Oh come on! How many young people even know that an esk is a type of dog? That's not a topic discussed by the "influencers" on Twitter. And who's afraid of household pets anyway?

Both the new logo and the horns on the helmet are very cool! I do have to give the Elks credit where credit is due on those scores.


No. Overall they weren't. In particular the ones who are Canadian football fans were absolutely not offended. They rather liked the Eskimos.

A very vocal minority of professional agitators (who couldn't care less about Canadian football) decided to make the Eskimos name an issue and time and time again I've seen vocal minorities set the agenda for societal change. The influence that vocal minorities wield infuriates me but I can't deny that it's so.