conji's return

anyone know if conji will be back this season!?

There hasn't been a peep regarding this. Now that you've posted this, expect to see an article in the LeaderPost by Rob Vanstone.

One of our most valuable players and the local paper doesn't seem to think it's worth while to cover the obviuos stories during the slow off season for news stories.

I'd be surprised if he is back this year, two serious injuries (mcl and acl?).

Actually, about a month ago there was an article in the paper from an interview with Taman that focused mainly on mainly on the top 3 prospects for the new head coach, as well as his assessment about the criticism that Berry had been receiving, and some of his arguments against it (which I must admit actually changed my opinion on him a bit…it was a well articulated defense of Berry). Taman also mentioned that it was unlikely Conji would start the season, and sounded like he would not be entirely shocked if he did not make it back this season. It sounded like maybe 6 weeks in, but it sounded like almost a guarantee he would miss preseason and week 1.

ya but will Warren Kean be our answer?

I don't think he is.

from Rod pederson's blog:

There is plenty of speculation about what the Roughriders will do for a kicker in 2011 with veteran Luca Congi recovering from a severe knee injury. There's been talk of a trade to acquire Paul McCallum, or signing Damon Duval away from Montreal. However a team rep told me on Friday the plan right now is to go into the season with Eddie Johnson handling all duties until Congi is healthy.
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No talk of Kean in there

Kean or not, I would not expect to see Conji out of the gates.
I have said to many that I would not be shocked to see Paul back in town for a while...if he goes to Montreal then perhaps Duval.

Unless Paul wants more crap all over his lawn..again.. I doubt that he will return, and for Duval I don't think that were gonna sign one of the best kickers in the game only to dispose of him 6-7 weeks later and don't even get me started on Keen, when the guy is able to hit a 35 yrd field goal, you'll have my attention :roll: and Eddie over here seems to not like kicking field goals so we have a problem on our hands and I do not like it. :expressionless:

Eddie doesn't mind field goal, he just says it messes up his punting. he says he can not do both effectively.

Paul has never had crap all over his lawn, but potential new neighbors might be upset at his arrival........LOL.....

Remember that Paul also has a sabbatical from SaskEnergy or SaskPower or whatever, so there is some appeal of returning to Regina.