what do you think?

I think great field goal kicker - punting, not so sure...

have to agree on that one, though tonight he did okay.

Place kicking I'm happy with. Punting, not so much. He's young.....give him time.....hopefully he'll improve. Otherwise, look for a punter.....

Congi’s Field Goal kicking has been outstanding, he’s only missed 1 all season. Punting will come, he’s punting the ball great in practice…it will come.

I guarantee, just from the improvements I have seen in the past two weeks that it'll come. He was punting alright last night, still not great but I think he's at the point where he is already almost on par with McCallum. And honestly, I'm not sure if the guy really would have planned on playing pro, so he might not have practiced at all in the off season.

I do understand that he will improve, he is a rookie after all.

But why didn't we keep Pikula for the punting duties? Lots of teams do the one kicker, one punter thing. Pikula was doing better in the punting department than Congi was, so why not keep him on?

I'm certainly not against Congi though. I think he's been one of our best players this season.

Because maybe no cap room or roster space

I bet if Jon Ryan becomes available, they will make room for him on the roster...

I hope they do if he becomes availible. But I dont think he will become availible. Thats the problem...

i was thinkin, and hoping that the Regina kicker would come home :cowboy: