Congrrrrrratulations to the team

The Cats played an inspired game and the changes that were made seemed to pay off. Siskowic is an animal. Porter...Mr. Calm cool and collected. Nice return from Jo Jo.

I still would like to see a more effective pass rush that would result in sacks. And I thought as well as the defense played, they seemed to constantly allow Mtl to make the completions. Tighter coverage and a break on the ball would have been nice to see....knock more passes down or intercept a few more.

But....I can't wait for next week to see which team shows up to play.

They've done the same to every other team all year. Our D did get some good hits on Calvillo as well as causing him to hurry many of his passes which caused many of his incompletions.
All in all, a great effort IMO.

Porter deserves credit for his performance, but almost half the passing yards he got were on passes to Rodriguez. He is truly looking like a go-to receiver with his 198 receiving yards and of course, that TD hat trick. He sure rebounded from last week when he dropped a few, and in fact, the entire receiving corps looked reliable. The Ticats passing game looked so good, it's hard to believe that they were so dependent on their RBs this year.

The D gave up 473 passing yards though, and Calvillo was 44/53 in pass attempts. It's not often that that happens and you win despite that. But according to game stats, only 10 rushing yards were given up. I would like to see the D improve, although Siskowic did not look out of place. And as those who were watching Ticats TV live after the game, Sisko is quite entertaining, talking about the team having "passion and energy."

Looking forward to the rematch in Montreal next week. Time to catch up with that blue team in the standings. Winning the season series against them was not enough.

It was fantastic to see. Porter has real potential and some big plays on defence covered up the fact calvillo shredded us once again. Jojo deserves to stay on and P-rod continues to get better. Tre Smith filled in ok but he isnt gonna unseat caulley, JL or KK and fumbles still haunt us at times. The team really seemed to play with passion and all round it was a fun day. The defence still needs a pass rush and better coverage though, calvillo picked them apart . Best of all the coach stayed awake the whole game!! what a change from taaffe,

ONE BIG change tonight was our receiving corps ... there was not one fumbled catch from ANY of them tonight! That's a big honkin' change for the BETTER!!!

I think it was a great TEAM effort and a well-deserved win.

While the D did allow a lot of passing yards, they allowed very few big plays compared to usual and they came through when they really needed to. I think they deserve credit. One thing I have to mention is the discipline showed this week. One play really stands out for me in that respect. Adams was running after Calvillo and could have really laid a hit on him, but Calvillo released the ball and Adams pulled up. I think it would have been easy to follow through on that, but it would have been costly. Great job on that!!

I wasn't able to attend this game, but I did watch it on TV and it was something to be very proud of. We converted on 2nd and long several times and stopped Montreal a few times on 2nd and short. Overall it was a great game!!

I am still in Shock Over this win ..
Did not think we could win this
Never been so Happy I was Wrong...

Both Lines Step up Nicely ..

Fun game to watch! Porter looks like the real deal. The team looks inspired. Marcel looks like a Coach. Feels Good!!!

And something else I should note is that Rodriguez caught 12 passes according to game stats here. And that apparently ties a records set by Jimmy Edwards on July 29, 1976 according to this page you can view if you click here. I suppose we'll soon see Rodriguez' name on that page for what he did on October 4th, 2008.

The D does need to improve and the team did not get many rushing yards, as Smith just wasn't quite as good as those above him on the depth chart. But it'll be good to have Keith back.

We watched the game from section 25 row BB. Nice effort - Like Porters poise in the pocket while under pressure. The receivers sucked it up -OLIne played better. The DLIne had some pressure it would have been nice to see Calvio get planted - they have no back up. With a better pass rush and tighter coverage and JJ Walker in for Tony Miles - KK and Lunsden in the back field ........we could make some noise.

Last but not least - So long Casey Printers.........

Absolutely, congrats. A highly entertaining game, and a solid effort in almost every respect.

The D is getting criticized because of ACs high passing yards, but I though they played well. Sometimes stats don’t tell the whole story. In the first half, they held the mighty Montreal offense to field goals -doesn’t matter if you move the ball 70 yards through the air on each drive if you have to settle for 3, or nothing. Montreal’s running game contributed nothing and AC was fighting to catch up the entire second half - he’s usually going to rack up big passing numbers in that situation.

One game is just one game but almost never was a good entertaining win over a quality opponent needed more.

Easily one of the most entertaining games of the year. Congrats on the win.

That Released Curse of the Forbidden Chant may have actually kicked in. You’re Welcome.