Congratulations, you are once again the joke of the league. If I were you, I’d feel more comfortable too: all that pressure to be something other than the S*&# you are is all gone. Now you can all breathe a collective sigh of relief for another year until your duty to suck calls again; but I’m sure you’ll do a wonderful job then too!

Hey…Sportsmen…come quick!! It’s another one of those “just signed up today so let’s make a well-thought out intelligent post” types!!! :roll:

I'm here jm02, I'm here....

Another Kindergarten drop-out

...what a retard.......nope, sorry, that's an injustice to all the mentally handicapped folk that contribute to society.......

.....Aside from a handful of good EE supporters who are good contributors to the CFL family (you know who you are) here's another ambassador from Edmonton that confirms the average intelligence of the sports fan from up IQ between a peach and a mollusk.....

Wow classic case of brain freeze here or disease. I will be laughing at these little kids once their team is watching the big game from TV.

I think some of these first-time posters try to out-do each other for the dumbest post possible. This guy is bad but I have seen a lot worse.

I think it's a competition. "BET you can't sound dumber than ME?"

Go figure it comes from Edmonton city of champions! ha ha ha ha ha

if i knew what a mollusk was id dispute that last comment, but since I dont ill jst respond to the 1st part:if i were i retard id be a stamps fan
excuse me if i sound childish, but im just trying to be frank
and as 4 my IQ, id put it up against urs any day
btw, ive a right to gloat as the Eskies are, in fact, a #%$&load better than the stamps

Well, considering you just managed to quote the wrong person there, I'd say your IQ has been effectively illustrated.....any person who has successfully completed grade six knows what a mollusk is.....and gloating is one thing, but coming across like an ignoramous is another entirely.....

im sorry if i quoted the wrong person, but for some reason dumbasses all look the same to me

and exactly how does knowing the truth make me ignorant??

Just because it's your own opinion doesn't make it really should talk to Kanga about this little piece of information.....

if you want to live in denile im not gonna stop you....
stamps 26

I could personally care less.....I'm not a Stamps fan.....

then what supernatural force is causing u to defend them??

.....actually, my calling in life is to help the obviously functionally illiterate.....since you seem to be so painstaking in your cries for help, I've decided to make it my mission to reform you by way of sarcasm and condescending remarks.....there's that, plus the fact that you've had absolutely zero in the way of semi-intelligent comments since you arrived here.....and, I kind of have a soft spot for the Stamps, even though they are not my choice team.....

says the person w/ a run-on sentence and no capital at the beginning of it

btw, im not trying to make intelligent comments, thats for English class to make me do, im only making TRUTHFUL coments

…it’s an acceptable writing style dubbed “stream of consciousness”…no sentence errors involved, and no capitals necessary, since it is considered written thought…by the way, intelligent comments get you much farther than English class…

whatever, im acing English and ur comments are FAR from intelligent

JM02 he is from high school you know the one on top of the hill!

He has a brain of a mushroom oh ya mushrooms do not have brains still fits this not so bright person doesn't it.