I never said I hated the Edmonton teams, just said I woudnt cheer for them. I respect that fact that the Eskimos find a way to excel every year. I happen to like the Sharks better than the Oilers , and I say five games, cause the Sharks are a damn good team, and they match up with the Oilers very well. Edmonton will win maybe one game. Detroit is an old team, and the younger, speedier Oilers beat them.

Supertoe, where does it say that I hate the Eskimos or Oilers??? All I said that I wasnt a fan of either team. You can take that anyway you like, but will it ease the pain if I said im not a fan of the Stamps or Flames, or the Lions and Canucks??? I never said I HATED those teams, just that im not a fan of them. Anyway, the Sharks play a similiar type of game to the Oilers, but I believe they have the better talent to win the series, and are playing great hockey right now. They also beat another high octane offensive team, the Predators in 5 games I believe, so the Oilers will win one game on home ice. It is a prediction remember, so I could be very wrong, only time will tell.

It doesn't say you hate them. That was my assumption and I guess I was wrong. The Sharks are playing well, but so are the Oilers and I believe they took a big step towards growing up last series. Time will tell, you are right about that.


Yes, but then the reverse could come to pass as well super. The Oilers might suffer a letdown after winning a big series, so how much left do they have in the tank?

Who knows how much they have in the tank man. As far saying the reverse could come to pass, what the hell is that. That's like saying when you flip a coin you have a 50/50 chance of getting heads (or tails).

Your'e right. They might have a few bad periods over the course of the series. That sure doesn't say much to me about your hockey knowledge. You still haven't offered much to convince me that you are not one of these jerks that just hates the Oilers and Eskimos cause they are from Edmonton.

I'll give you objective and show you what I mean. Prior to tonights game I was pretty nervous about the series. After watching, it was confirmed. The Sharks have the top two scorers in the NHL this season and even though they have some rookies in the lineup on defence, Scott Hannan will log a lot of minutes and looked pretty solid.

They play a similar style to the Oilers and are just as fast, but are bigger and a little more physical. Patrick Marleau has come to life in the post season and is leading his team by example, which takes the pressure off Thornton and Cheechoo to do it all. They free up ice for Marleaus line because the Oilers need to get the right players on the ice in the matchups with the first line, and it's inevitable that the Sharks will end up with a player matchup to their advantage with the first two lines sooner or later.

Either that or they will wear down our strongest players. Toskala is not a rookie and is playing well enough that their #1 tender can only sit and watch. They finished the season on roll and still have the advantage of being used to that crappy ice. If you think the ice won't be a factor at some point, go play shinney outdoors in March and let me know how your legs feel afterwards.

These are reasons why I think the Sharks have an excellent chance of winning this series. Even though I love the Oilers I know enough about the game to be able to look at the Sharks objectively. Conversely when I hear someone say I'll never cheer for the Oilers and Eskimos cause I'm just not a fan, I immediatly think they have an issue with Edmonton. Why else would that attitude cross over to another sport? It has nothing to do with the fact that Sharks might be a better team.

That fact just makes it easier to disguise it. I challenge you to be objective and analyze the Oilers and tell me why they have a chance to win at least one game. I really don't think that you have. I think you just have an issue with Edmonton teams and it really doesn't matter to you who they are playing, you will pick them to lose. If they do happen to win, you will make up a lame excuse like they are old and slow.

How many times have the Red Wings allowed 4 goals in the third period this season. For that matter how many times has a veteran team like that allowed 4 goals in the third period of an elimination game in the playoffs. Give the boys their due. They worked hard for that victory and earned it, period!

You may very well be right about the outcome of this series, but this post isn't about that. It's about your thinly disguised anti Edmonton sentiments. If nothing else, the Oilers are one of only two Canadian teams left in the playoffs, yet you choose to root for an American team. By stating that you refuse to cheer for the Oilers and Eskimos you made you feelings known, but then made it worse by trying to play devil's advocate and claim that it's not just them. I can at least respect the meatheads who say they hate "just cause" because they are being honest.

Everyone said the same thing about the flames in 2004 anything can happen if the oilers want it bad enough you just never know.

You were so close to taking game 1 to OT, Oilers! oh well, better luck in Game 2. Same goes for you too, Ottawa.

Teams suffer letdowns after a big series win(especially in the 1st round) there are, however, exceptions(Anaheim). Anaheim have 2 solid goalies right now and they are playing some exceptional hockey. In game one, Oilers were beaten to loose pucks by the Sharks in the offensive and defensive zones. They arent working as hard as they did in the last series, but Roloson is keeping them close, I must admit. If he can steal games for the Oil, then they have a shot. I say only one game because San Jose has a solid, hot goalie, and it looks like Nabakov might be playing eslewhere come next season. Pronger is playing some better hockey as of late, and he seems to have matured somewhat, by not taking stupid penalties. I do believe Ryan Smyth has to take his game up a notch. If Edmonton can keep this group together for a couple of seasons, I think they can be a top team in the conference. I would think though, that they need another defenceman and some more scoring depth to be a top flight NHL team.

PS-- not cheering for a Canadian team is a stupid remark.All of the teams have mostly Canadians playing for them, they are just based in the US. Thoronton, Cheechoo ,Hannan and Marleau are Canadians, the core of the Sharks. I am cheering for a Canadian team, its just not the Oilers. I do like some Oiler players-- Smyth, Pronger and Samsonov. Actually I did cheer for the Oilers once, when they won their 1st Cup. 30 teams play in this league, so trying to keep the Cup on Canadian soil is a romanticist's ideal.

Nice triple overtime win! You're back in the thick of things now!

I can’t respond in depth tonight, except to say that we are going back to San Jose tied 2-2. I’ll be off line until Tuesday night. You have a chance to respond like a knowledgeble sports fan before then, but my faith in you is dwindling.

Here’s a hint. Take a look at the map and then look the ratio of Canadian players now in the NHlL and on the Sharks. Finally, if they win…tell me which city would be having a Stanley Cup parade and then try to convince me that you are cheering for a Canadian team. Who’s making dumb statements?


I must say that the Oilers goal that tied the game 3-3 is a series defining goal in the Oilers favour. The Canadian team I am cheering for the SENATORS, and i do believe they are in OTTAWA. Unfortunately, they wont come back to win the series , although they might win the next one, which should make it interesting if there is a game 6. The Oilers-Sharks series is now a toss up , but the Oilers now have the momentum on their side. Like I said before, the Sharks have a lot of Canadians in thier line-up, im not sure of the exact number but im willing to bet its close to half, if not over. Marleau is from Aneroid, Sask, not too far from here. I would think that a Stanley Cup parade just might be happening in Carolina, as Ward is definitely the hottest goalie in the playoffs right now.

 I have lost complete faith in you. You tell me im one of those jerks that just cheers against the Oilers because they are Edmonton, but you brand me that way because you think anyone who cheers agaisnt them is anti-Edmonton. I can tell you that just is not the case. Its not because I diskile the Oil, I like the Sharks better. Spin it any way you wish, Im not changing cause you think I should. Its my choice who I cheer for, and if you dont like that just too bad. I do respect that fact that you are cheering for your hometown team, as you should, but just because im not doesnt make me and Edmonton hater, if my team was still in (the Habs), and you didnt want to cheer for them , I of course would not like it , but would respect your choice and not berate you for it. Too bad you cant do the same.

Go ahead and cheer for the sharks... you're going to be disapointed once they lose the series.

........great game last night Oil.......I thought the third game was a stretch, the fact that it took 120 minutes for a supercharged Oil to beat the Sharks didn't bode well for them..........but that changed last night with a sound message that the Oilers are ready to contend for this series........hard effort, a couple of lucky bounces and goaltending when you need it.......(Lowe's acquisistion of Roloson at the trade deadline sure looked like a bonehead move a week after but now it appears to be the trade of the NHL season).......Samsonov's goal was the spark to set you guys on the right course, and while it had Lady Luck written all over it as the old saying goes, 'you have to be lucky to be good, and good to be lucky''s a best of three series now and either team can take it, here's hoping the Oilers can take two of those three.......good luck Edmonton, ride the wave of fun and go far!.........

If they lose they lose, the fact is I really dont care one way or the other... but Super has some idealistic notion that I should be cheering for the Oilers, and he should respect the fact that im not, its my choice, wether he likes it or not.

…I think you two just read stuff in between each other’s lines and misunderstand each other…probably best to either let is go or start over again…

good stuff, Oilers! I think we can expect to see you guys face the Ducks in the West Finals.

I'm not going to start getting too excited too soon, but its starting to look really good that we'll make the west finals.

esk123, am I dreaming or are we bolding?

…anyone sick of Yakafugi Surprise yet?..I’m pretty much fed up with it…

:lol: that a Japanese version of KK suprise?...... :lol: