.........allow me to be the first to offer congratulations for your Oilers to soundly show the Detroit Red Wings that playing against weak teams in their division can get you a President's Cup but it's nothing against the might of the North Western division.........good series.........go far..........(unless of course we beat the Mighty? Ducks tonight or Wednesday).........

good on ya, Oliers! way to go! I can almost smell a Calgary Vs. Edmonton west confenrence final match up!

Northwest Division (with the Jets again soon) is #1!

not to be picky, but it the oil meet the flames it would be in the west semi-final

dang... :cry:

well who ever wins will face the Avs, my sisters team!

So you think the avs will get by the sharks should the Flames win tomorrow? i dunno sharks are the hottest team in the NHL right now other than the Devils

it's my sisters team though mate, I HAVE to go with them.

ya well my sister's favorite baseball team is the NY Yankees, so no way could I ever go with that logic!

besides, I like the Avs, and I HATE THE SHARKS!!!

I'm so excited about the oilers getting to the second round! I heard whyte ave. was pretty crazy last night.

It's been a long wait for Oiler's fans, so we'll savour the moment for sure. This is the most balanced team we've had in a long time. I am really hoing for another "Battle of Alberta", even though I will give the red team it's due respect.

They are a very good solid team that will provide incredible opposition. They definitely have the edge in goaltending, but I think we have an edge in offensive depth. It will take another unbelievable effort to defeat them.

Go Oilers!


......don't cut your team short though super, your boys are playing with tremendous heart and that will carry a team very far......I don't see the same fire in our current edition of the flames that was there in ' will take a helluva effort tonight to put the Ducks fact, and this may be weird for any Oiler fan, you guys might want to be cheering for the Flames tonight because as the Oilers right now I would rather face the Flames than the Sharks..........

I would too. And just that fact that there can possibly be a battle of alberta makes me excited. It's going to be VERY intense in this province, should this happen.

That's an interesting comment RW. I have always had a lot of respect for Darryl Sutter and know that if you are playing for him you had better leave it on the ice or you won't be there the next shift.

Don't get me wrong, I still have a healthy respect for the Sharks. I also believe that the Oilers have matured greatly over the last 2 months and are really starting to understand what it takes to win. Either matchup will be a great series. Having watched the "battle" in my 20's (dating myself again) I feel that same old nervous anticipation knowing that the stakes are in fact much higher and that the Flames are capable of beating us.

I truly believe that the Oilers are just as capable of beating the Flames as well, so the buildup is stirring up some old ghosts, memories and the same feelings we had 20 some years ago. It's pretty cool actually.


.......too bad, no BOA hockey-style........was hoping the younguns that weren't around when the epic battles of the eighties raged could've made their own history.......oh well, maybe next year......anyway, Go Oilers, bring the cup back to Alberta!!!!!!!!!.......

Im not an Edmonton fan,(Eskimos or Oilers), so im cheering for the Sens. Oilers are in tough against San Jose, the Sharks should take it in 5 games.


But I predict it will be Oliers and Avs (who will blow out the Ducks, as if they were still the Nords) in the Western Finals, which a chance that the Oliers will end up in the Stanley Cup (I love my sister, but I love the only surviving WHA team more)

call me the ultimate homer cause I know I can be, but you gotta respect the Oilers in that they were the only WHA team so survive the attempted Bettman genocide of the '90's. Came close a few times to folding but always found a way to pull through. Good thing, as Bettman needed to oilers to prove he needed his cap after his USA only plan failed miserably. Makes me sick. I wish he would just go back to the NBA were he came from. Goodenow had the guts to bow out when he knew he was about you gary?

5 games? Based on what? Wishfull thinking? I'm not saying the Sharks may not prevail, but to say that the Oilers will only win one game is saying they will suffer a complete breakdown. As I said before I think this team did a lot of growing up in the last series. It would surprise me if it didn't go at least 6, if not 7.

You say you hate Edmonton? Just when it seemed like we had another poster who was actually a knowledgable sports fan you have to go and ruin the image by coming across as another prototypical idiotic fan that who hates the Eskimos and Oilers "just because" they are from Edmonton. I know, I know...your'e not really sure why, but everybody says Edmonton sucks so it must be true.

Or maybe it's because, well dammit, they keep winning. They are so flukey eh, man that's the luckiest franchise I've ever seen. I just can't wait to see them lose, cause well ya know Edmonton sucks! I sure hate them for having the forsight and intelligence to put together some of the greatest teams in CFL and NHL history. Why oh why can't they just lose, just so we can feel better about our team.

I've never understood the "I hate that team" thing. To me it is usually just narrow minded jealous fans who cannot accept the fact that the Eskimos have consistently been at the top of the class. How about a tiny bit of respect for what it takes to achieve what they have acheived? Have you stopped to think how long it will take your team to equal what they have done in this league, even if they do knock us off the throne this season?

It might even feel different if one of the players did something to merit the wrath of opposing fans. Something like, say Nik Lewis did last year before the playoffs, shooting his mouth off and running down our team. In the end, he looked (and probably felt) like a complete clown and so he should have. You should never take advice from Alondra Johnson on what to say to the media, LOL.

Anyway, I think you see my point. You will never ever see me say I hate Calgary because of that. I really don't feel one way or the other about any other teams. They are all the opposition, most are capable of beating my home team if we don't play well and they deserve my respect as a fan because of that.


Great post!

.......I agree, but the references don't make sense.....did something get erased before super's post?......