Congratulations on the steps forward the Cats have taken this season. To those fans that hung in there and never gave awesome is it to be here for this?

I friggin' hate the Cats on a competitive level, but as a Hamiltonian, it's great to see a playoff game in my hometown.

Out of curiosity, how does someone from Hamilton end up cheering for the Argos?

Did you also like the Russians during the Cold War?

At Santa Claus parades, are you the guy who hopes a freak weather phenomenon will prevent the final float from making its appearance?

ha ha good one expat.

Thanks TOFAN...It certainly is great to be a TiCAt fan!!

I was wondering the same thing myself.

Heck, I live and work in that city east of Hamilton along the QEW (well north of Steeles so it's actually City of Vaughan instead, but why split hairs), but as i was born and raised ih Hamilton it is in my blood and I just cannot root for the blue team.

Honestly, I really don’t like to be told who to cheer for.

That statement wasn’t directed at you guys, it’s more or less my thinking. My teams are from around the continent, and I’ve always tried to fashion myself like that. I like to be a little different with my teams, and it’s been okay for the most part. I dunno, just to be different from the norm.

Cue in ARGO joke about all fans of them being different:)

ive waited a long time for this.. lol and well nobody on here has said there thanks to the man that made this all possible. bob thanks so much you deserve this home playoff game! all that hard work might pay off.. well not all of it but a part of it :wink:

I too like teams from all over the place.

NHL - Red Wings
NFL - Bills
MLB - Cubs
NBA - Raptors
NLL - Knighthawks

So I can agree with TOFAN on that part.

You like who you like. But, I just couldn't ever bring myself to cheer for the Argos either. Just never liked most Toronto teams. I detest the Leafs as much as the Argos. Only one I really like is the Raptors. Blue Jays are okay too, but not as much as my Cubbies. Wrigley is heaven on earth for me. To me, Toronto is so bloody over-rated. It's an ugly city with a real chopped up waterfront, now crowded over with glass condos. And it costs a fortune to live there.

Give my Hamilton anytime. Steel town tough with fans who have big hearts.

Completely agree.......however, that has nothing to do with my love of their team. I was a BIG Pinball fan as a kid, and have stuck with them ever since........up until this year, it was a blessing.:slight_smile:

NHL - Ducks
NBA - Clippers
MLB - Mariners
NFL - Cardinals

Although I do have a soft spot for the Leafs, Raptors and Blue Jays as well, but they're my first love up above.

CFL- Ticats
NFL- Bills
NHL- Flames
MLB- Jays
NBA- Raptors


my fav 2 teams are THE TICATS and anyone who beats the ARGOS
OSKI WEE WEE AND THANKS FOR UR PATIENCE MR. YOUNG :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: :rockin:

CFL- Ticats
NFL- Eagles
NHL- Flames
MLB- Jays
NBA- Raptors