Good on the win, guys! It didn't look good for you in the first half, but you managed to turn it around.....see you in the Grey Cup.....I hope!! :wink:

...thanks jm, it'll be an interesting run to the end from here........

good job Calgary, good luck agaist Edm!!!!

I still have Calgary as my dark horse. And I think it is a good pick.


I am bloody frustrated but oh well, good game, even though i think both of our teams played very bad. I mean either our defense played veryg ood or your offence jsut can't score in the red zone :lol: i dont' know, but all i know is the riders have to worry about special teams and offence, and not defense as much, except for the last minute of the first half, that was bogus, stupid zone coverage! gah!! :evil:

The Stamps Definately played better football. The play calling wasnt there and the plays that were run didnt go anywhere. I blame the Riders for the loss and credit the Stamps for the win. Entertaining. Although it could have been more entertaining.