Kelly has made the Bombers the new Ticats

I don’t mind the team he’s built, except right now there’s no quarterback. The defense looks awesome and the special teams are pretty good. The running game is fine especially when you consider there isn’t any semblance of a passing game to help open things up for it.

But the QBs are struggling big time and Kelly’s play calling sucks. The fake punt was nice… other than that… can’t we see a play action pass or something once in a while? Maybe one of the QBs can throw it deep once in a while (Williams started too at least)? Why did we cut Joe Smith for Lavarus Giles if we’re not even going to use Giles? And can someone please tell Kelly that the second and long draw play is only good as a surprise play when it’s actually surprising, not when you run it eight times a game?

Kelly gave a 1st. and 2nd round pick for the guy, after knocking Taman for trading the team's draft picks...