There are all sorts of excuses a fan can come up with when their team loses, (ie: the refs sucked, our team had injuries, the other team is dirty) but today the Stampeders came out, played exceptionally well in almost all aspects of the game, and dominated the team that had the best record in the CFL.

I had my doubts with the way they beat the Eskimos but there's no doubt that they can be a very good team when they want to be. Im sure some people are going to avoid giving credit where credit is due, so I'll go ahead and give full marks to the Stamps, they definately deserved it today.

Let's just hope the next meeting has a different outcome :wink:


(ps. I tried to create forum software to track how many times certain Lions fans used the excuses I listed above, but it kept crashing the server from information overload! )

Thanks Dust you are good fan!

More evidence that Dust is one of the classiest
Rider fans around.

Thanks, and see you in October!