Congratulations Wally Buono!!

Most winningest coach in the cfl! To those who say he sucks and should quit or get fired as a coach, you guys are dumb! There is a reason he is the most winningest coach! CONGRATS WALLY! WOOO!

Well it wasn't me that said he sucked... I've been a Wally booster since he came from Calgary. I didn't get to see the game due to work :frowning: , but this is the first I heard of the Lions winning against Toronto.

So, yeah congrats Wally.

Yes, congrats Wally on your stellar accomplishment! Kind of an ugly win, but a win is a win and on your way to the record, I’m sure you have had all kinds of victories. Good game by Grice-Mullen. Its about time we got some great returns and it could have not happened at a better time. Defence played well, applied constant pressure and covered the receivers pretty well. Way to go Ricky Foley (3 sacks) and now the Lion’s lead the league in that catagory. Buck played well, a bit conservative, but got the job done. He still is taking some unnessary hits, especially that last one towards the end of the game, where there probably should have been a penalty called. I hope Buck makes it through the season, but now I think they should bring in Printers for some insurance, as long as he tows the line.
Calgary up next and I’ll be there rooting the Leo’s on! A victory there and we can be tied with them. But the Lions must up their game. Their offensive play calling is getting a bit predictable and they need to throw in some different looks, other than throwing short passes all the time. They definitely will have their work cut out for them, but lets go lions !!! :rockin:

This record is a tribute to his longevity which in the CFL is about as impossible as it gets. To consistently have winning teams in this quirky, small, what have you done for me lately, league with as was the case in the 90's, difficult economic health of the franchises (not to mention the league as a whole) makes this accomplishment all the more impressive. B.C. is forever greatful to Fred Fateri and Michael Feterik

Way to go Wally and the Lions. You deserve all of the accolades that come your way. It couldn't happen to a more deserving and decent man. Now that the record is behind you, it is no longer a distraction for the team.

Six of our last seven regular season games are against western opponents; it's time to put the pedal to the metal!

Dooger in Surrey

From a fellow Montrealer, felicitations, Wally!