The City of Champions comes through. Let me be also the first to say how our World Champions can take on any and all newcomers regardless of the other crappy and not as skilled four down league.

I'll call them the world champs as well.
They have as much claim to that title as the NFL

world champs of Canadian football, that is. whatever

No KK they are undisputed World Champions. Look at the applicable very good comment from ro1313.

If Americans can call NFL, NBA, and MLB winners “World Champions” without inviting any other countries to participate, then I agree:

The Edmonton Eskimos are the World Champions!

very true! :smiley:


guys, don't be like the Americans, please. (sorry, Americanos, but you guys claiming that your team is World Champions w/o other counties competing it just plain BS)

It is all in fun.

it is all BS, nothing fun about it. sorry.

were the champs of canada. world champs , is hard to find out

I am not here to bash Americans, but they do this nonsense all of the time, like it is some god given handle of being the best in what they do. Which is bunk.

too true

ro, you’re exactly right, they have as much claim to the title “world champions” as do the Patriots. I HATE it when the NFL calls their champions the world champions. Who says they’re the world champions when there’s another football league up north?

In any case, there is NO disputing that the Eskimos are the World Champions of Canadian football (although I hate to say that), and that the Patriots are the World Champions of American football. Just as Brazil are the World Champions of Association football, and England are the World Champions of Rugby football. They’re all just different games.

I personally like calling them the Canadian champs because in my opinion, it doesn't matter what anyone else believes, it's what the fans of the teams believe. The game is played in Canada, nowhere else. So, by my logic, the Grey Cup winner is exactly that, the winner of the Grey Cup, and champions of Canadian Football. Calling them the world champs of canadian football seems like we're trying to emulate the NFL too much, like an inferior game like that can even compete with our game.

To make a long story much longer, I was watching some american games in the afternoon waiting for the Grey Cup, and the way they run around at the end of the game is just stupid. They play most of the game without caring about the clock, walking off the field if there's 15 seconds left in a quarter or half cause they let the time run out. Then, with a few minutes left, since they don't stop the clock, you've got these 400 lb linemen running around, huffing and puffing, with the little referee's trying to push through them to spot the ball to run the next play. Instead of stopping the clock for a few seconds to let things get set before the next play, like us orderly Canadians do.

Anyways. The difference between the two games was really well displayed for me on Sunday, and although I'll watch the NFL now that the season's done here, I have no doubt in my mind which is the better game.

Very true! The nfl calls themselves "world champions" when they play NO ONE from any other country!

And yes. Congrats to the Eskimos on their Grey Cup win. Even though I'm an Al's fan I have to say the the Esks. wanted that game and had more heart.

calling you league chamipon the "world champion" w/o the representasion and compitition of other nations is just a plain bad opinion with nothing to back it up. peroid.

only league in the world that can come close to claiming that is NFL Euro, but even that's wrong too since everyone can kick the NFL Euro champs butt.

KK thats really the point, it is the pure unadulterated ignorance, shallowness, uninformed of the world around you. Call it what you will but the Americans are famous for it. Here is yet another example the MLB World Series(although one can argue about this handle) Champions are more times then not referred as you know what, World Champions. But, every year now the All Star team goes to Japan and more times then not are beaten by the Japanese All Stars. So why keep calling yourself WC? its being insensitive etc. I wont even mention Basketball, where the Americans are no longer on the top of the mountain and for many years.

it's just bloody sad and hissy to see the Americans do that.

All I'm getting at is let's not start do that with the CFL chamipion, m'k? Let's not join the dark side.