Congratulations to the Ticat team

An awesome display on offense, excellent special teams. (And just enough on defense).

I can't wait until next week and hopefully the shoring up on our defense with some players coming back into the line up.

I hope the coaches practice the players this week with the loudspeakers on. Canad Inns is going to be very loud and after that botched FG, we better get a bit more practice in handling the 13th man.

Cant be any louder than in the Big Owe.. but we need to make sure each player is on the same page.. tonight we had a few miscues with routes......

Yahoo!!! … Can hardly wait (this is ‘something’ like being back in the '60’s) !!!

Congrat's indeed. Can't remember the last time I was so moved by a sporting event. (Well, actually I can, but talking in Ticat terms it's been a while. :wink: )

Can't wait for next week!

HTD, it's like having your head duct taped to the Hiwatt stacks of The Who circa 1973. ROTFLMFAO My goodness, does my lover have a set of lungs on her...and she was one of say 30,000 Als fans shaking that joint to its foundations...

Congratulations... Happy for you guys and Bob Young.

Thanks Hf...