Congratulations to the team

While I have congratulated the entire team for an outstanding game, I thought I'd also pay a special congratulations to Roger Dunbrack. I think he came in and played a helluva game.

It's easy to notice guys like Williams, Moreno, Keith, Armour and Lumsden, but guys like Dunbrack who don't get to play every game and yet come in and play hard, I feel should get some recognition.


Dunbrack was great tonight, as he often is, doing yeoman's service as our depth guy.

Props also to Tony Tiller, who made plays tonight. We're getting our DB issues figured out step by step, and Tiller stepped up tonight.

Oski Wee Wee,

I pray that this is the same team that shows up for next weeks game. And that the coaching staff not disrupt any rhythym that this team may be forming by doing any wholesale changes.

I think the team played well against a hot calgary stampeder team. The offence did what was neccesary as the defence stepped up and made play after play. They seem to be coming together as a defence. Tiller continues to make plays out there as he shows that he is a fast learner and can make plays. Anderson made a great play at the end. The guys just stepped up big tonight.

We can make the playoffs !!! Go Cats go

Very Impressive game Ti-cats I watched most of it and to see Burris get sacked well was awsome we got embarrased last week but your guys put a smile on my face and I sure didnt see one on smiling hanks face hahahahaha great game guys cant wait till we meet up in october!!

It was also good to see Ray Mariuz in on some plays....could the coaching staff be on to something ???
Great game everyone !!

:rockin: :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: Lets beat last years record of 4-14 :thup:


There was huge improvement in the play of both lines. It was good to see the secondary make some big plays, hopefully it will instill some confidence in them.