Congratulations, To The Team of All Teams

Congrats to the team and the fans. In a rather down year in the CFL, the Lions were a bright spot and clearly the best in the league.

Good news that Buck, Paris, Javier, and Brent are all back on board!

I can hardly wait until 2007. I renewed my tickets tonight. Only 190 more sleeps to go...

The lions went into this game with it being theirs to loose, they were the best team on paper in the CFL and they had the record to prove it!!!

I am so proud of all the players and the coaches, each and every one of them deserves this victory, they worked hard all season. And I think we should all try and get out to the victory party and show this team that we appreciate their hard work!!!

Thank- you LIONS!!!! And congrats!!!!

One can't put all the blame for the lockerroom split last year on Casey. I would in fact place most of the blame on Buono for not being clear on who his starter was. At the same time, both Dave & Casey could have handled themselves better last year.

However, with Casey, Simpson, Warren, and Locket gone, the Lions gelled like they haven't gelled in years. The coaches did a great job, and the result was a great season and Grey Cup win for the 2006 BC Lions!!

So, let's celebrate the win, and live for the future and not the past.