Congratulations, To The Team of All Teams

I just want to extend a big congratulations and show my appreciation for a team who worked hard all year long. We were destined to win this year - these boys played as nothing but a team all year and you just can't beat that.

So, to my Lions....WAY TO GO, for a job well done.

You've made us all so very proud.

(and if anyone knows what time the Lions arrive at YVR, I'd appreciate a heads up)


YES!!!! They played their hearts out all year long, worked for it, and won it it!
As I have heard from many a sportscaster and sportsman, BC was the team to beat and the best in the league this year. This just proved it.
Dave D. gets his ring, good on him. He had a hard year, couple of years, but pulled it through this last bit for them. Pat yourself on the back Dave. They all played well.

Yes... when do they arive??

All I can say is Casey WHO??? Congratulation guys what an awesome year!!!!!!!! See, all the team had to do was get rid of that cancer Printers.

Does anyone know when the celebration will be?? I am asuming it will be at BC Place. Any information would help.

Congratulations for a job well done. A terrific way to top off a great season. Can't wait for next year.

I say just keep checking the forum and our Lions page to find out when the party will be. They will probably anounce it on the news as well. But I am possitive it will be posted on our Lions page here first, in the next couple of days.
See you there!!! :rockin:
And I miss casey, He is a great QB. Plesae don’t knock him.

I wasn't bashing Casey, I just think, I won't go there. I will be at the celebration, hopefully they will announce something sooner than later.

What am I to do for the next 7 months till training camp starts in June?

How can you say you weren't bashing CP when you just refered to him as " that cancer" in the post above?

Stop it!!
Bash, or don’t bash later.
You need a Rider fan to tell you to go out and get drunk (or whatever) and argue later?

Congratulations guys!
Enjoy the moment!!

Alright pennw, I was bashing Casey. Just look at the facts, they didn't win with him and when he's gone they win, you think about it. He is a cancer and a hotdog. It was because of him that the room was divided. Funny no Casey= BC Grey Cup. I for one am glad he's gone

Who cares? We won this year without Printers. Let's live in the here and now and not in the past. We have something to celebrate, not argue.

What a great year, BC RULES! '06 Champs in the house woooooooooooooooooooooo Defending next year shall be fun

You guys were Great this year... but Wally's got the worst hair in the CFL. Luv ya!!!!

I'm agree with all your support messages, it was a great game and there was only one team on the ground!!!

I watch it on TV this morning, because I'm in France and it was really enjoyed to look this performance, this team is wonderful...

I'm impatient to come to support them on June next year...

Go, Go Lions!!!'re the best!!!

As an Als fan, I want to congratulate the Lions on their win. It hurts like hell to lose again, but you were clearly the superior team. Plus I still have a soft spot in my heart for ex-Als Barron Miles and Mark Washington. We fought hard, but came up short. Congrats again.

Lions were by far the best team in the CFL this year. They proved it all season. There was alot of comparisons to the Lions team of 2004 and 2005 but this team was unbelievable. Lots of heart, chemistry and talent. IMO, the best Lions team since I started following the Lions way back in the 80's. Some say the '85 Lions were good (and they were)but I think 2006 was better.

Way to go!!!! 2006 GREY CUP CHAMPS

The Leos are coming in today at 1 PM at the South Terminal.

The celebration is at the Vancouver Arts Center tomorrow at 12PM.


And I won't go into last years western finals... how Casey took the team all the way to the last few mintues of the game, doing just fine. Then Walley puts "who" into replace him, and then they lost big time. I was there, sitting right in the end zone, screaming to the top of my lungs... wondering if there was anything int he rule book about a Female Head Coach.

Casey Printers is an awsome QB. Enough said. Wish he was still playing, and he is still in contract right now, so they can bring him back. But I am thinking someone doesn't want to eat crow, and Printers feels very sore about what happend last year. And who blaims him, I certainly don't.
Deckenson has spent most of the year on the side lines hurt. When the reporters asked him if he was getting tired of being on the injured list, I was wondering if he was getting tired of being asked why he was on the injured list.
I am glad that he finally was able to pull it together and be able to play this game. Woo HOO!!! He played a great game, I will give him that. He is a good QB. But I have lost alot of faith in him after last years playing, and for all the time he has spent on the injured bench. I do feel for him, I know what it is like to be an injured athlete. Sucks big time.

But that does not give anyone any right to call a Great QB like Casey a cancer, or anyone for that matter. I am not sitting here putting Dickenson down, not at all... as he is a good QB... when in shape and playing to full potential - as in msot cases.

*** As for the Grey Cup***
We rocked!!! We were and are the best team in the league. We desearved our win, and should be proud. No matter who took it to the end, it shouldn't matter. Walley used all the QB's for a bit there, if anyone was watching the game. So they all should get Coodos for their efforts. All the players put in their two cents on the game, and should pat their selves ont he back. Heck even our kicker. sheesh he tied for the league series.
So let us Bc'ers stop bickering over this whole thing, and enjoy what we rightly deserve.... OUR GREY CUP WIN!!!!!!
Then look forward to next years win. And support who ever is on the feild. I know I will, and miss who ever is not there.

!!! Go Lions Go!!! :rockin:

See you all at the party!

GO LIONS GO!!!!!!!
Obviously, tbeimler you love cocky, arrogant unproven QBs. Casey was and still is all that. He is afterall a guy who has only played 1/2 a season of good football,nothing else. Just look at the locker room this year--united like a family and not coincidentally with Casey GONE. I for one am glad he's gone, his ego is too big for a guy who has proven NOTHING, hope he has fun holding that clipboard, oh yeah, he's only on the practice roster, what a waste. Besides there was a much better relationship between Dave & Buck. Glad to hear that Buck, Paris, Javier and Brent Johnson have all signed contract extensions.