Congratulations to the Riders and Their Fans

Just wanted to offer sincere congratulations to the Riders and their fans on a fabulous season and Grey Cup run. As the most passionate fan base in the CFL you deserve this!

thank you very much I see by your logo your a Stamps fan and that isn't easy to see the team that beat your team win. Thanks again and appreciate the good sportsmanship.

This one is so sweet. 1966 was the break through. A special moment that told the rest of Canada: "Hey! We are here!
In 1989 it was an exciting game and it felt like maybe there were finally better times ahead. Things did change. But then there was sense that we were lucky against a team who also deserved to win. 2007 came along and we thought it might be the beginning of a dynasty. But we were wrong. What was disappointing was a Winnipeg losing team who claimed that we only won because their QB, Glenn was injured. 2013 WE ARE CHAMPIONS! After many nervous times this season when it appeared the bad luck woes were back...our team prevailed! The character of this team was an example for all of Ridernation. Focus, persist, believe and we dominate! Green has never looked more in control and dominant! Tell me all you fellow Saskatchewan expatriots: Don't you feel like you wish you were back home tonight no matter where are???

Hats of to the Cat's for making it a good game, you will only get better as you move ahead, Congrats to the Riders, and to Rider Nation!! We did it, so sweet for DD and crew!! Enjoy this well deserved!! :rockin:

HATE the Green Riders but Congrats. :cry:

Thanks Storm Rider...remembering the losing opponent and congratulating them for thier effort and season...That is the way Saskatchewan people are! May I add another sincere congratulations / GM Taman...You deserve my sincerest apologies for not believing in you since your days in Winnipeg. You proved just how worthy you are. The team you built this year was unbelievable.

Hamilton just never really got it going. The breaks on the two fumbles Durant coughed up certainly was lucky especially the one Sheets gobbled up and romped for 40 yards. If Hamilton had got those then I have little doubt this would have been a completely different game. That's football though sometimes your team can play well but just not get those bounces.
Hamilton has a good young team and as tough as it is for them to lose they will mature from the experience. The East is going to be no picnic for teams facing the TiCats next year.
The veterans the Riders brought in for their leadership as well as their abilities certainly showed in the playoffs. Simon was a great leader and it was really nice to see him get not one but two touchdowns. His first two in Grey Cup games to boot, That surprised me to be honest with all the achievements in his long career to wait this long for a touchdown in a Grey Cup is amazing. It was a bit of a gamble having all the guys they did bring in to see if they could check their egos and becom a team. Obviously they did and the results speak for themselves. Congrats to Tahman for having the guts to try it and have it succeed.

Thanks for taken the time to send your regards :slight_smile: Boy it feels good to win this and in front of our own fans :rockin:

Thank you for making an Irish fans day a little greener :smiley:

Just nice knowing Rider Nation is just not in Canada, but around the world, hope you enjoyed the game as much as I did!!

Congrats to the fellow Rider Fans and to the Team and organisation. Hats off to the whole team, and MOP Sheets. I'm finally a believer of Geroy in green. I've with-held my jury on him all season, but finally the jury has come to a verdict. Veteran class guy ( knew that already ) who was brought in as a safety measure in big games, who can also help mentor younger guys and tune the guys just enough to make the team better as a whole.

TiCats, you guys were gel-ing at the right time. An i for one didn't predict anyone as a winner as i thought your secondary would've made more of an impact. You've got a great core of young talented players, and you shall be beasts in the east in the years to come.

Good to be lucky lucky to be good,Hamilton had the whole game to turn it around but didn't....The Riders however DID and guess what the score was indicative of just WHO played the better overall game.

Thank you very much, sir. look forward to continuing our rivalry next season. :thup: