Congratulations to the nine ED All Star selections!

Josh Bourke
SJ Green
Chip Cox
Geoff Tisdale
Billy Parker
Jerald Brown
Mike Edem
John Bowman


Not sure how McCune gets picked over Emry or Hebert when the Als have the best run defense in the league and Toronto the worst or just about but I guess the winning teams always get extra attention...

Agreed. It's the problem with the design of the category. It should be divided up as MLB, WILL & SAM. The 3 positions are very different much like the secondary positions. Muamba & McCune are both MIKE/MLB's. My LB's would be Muamba, Hebert & Cox.

My real congrats to Geoff Tisdale. Nice to see him have a real bounce back season after difficulties in Hamilton & Edmonton. It's good to see him excel & get the credit he deserves.

Also huge kudos to Edem. Quite the accomplishment to get All-Star recognition in your rookie campaign. Even more so being a real, true rookie as coming direct from the CIS. That is quite the accomplishment.

Enfin une certaine reconnaissance pour Billy Parker!!! :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: :rockin:

Il était plus que temps.

Je crois que Whyte a bénéficié du fait que pratiquement tous les autres botteurs de l'Est ont été blessés à un moment donné ou l'autre durant la saison. Il ne passera pas devant Paredes, cependant.

Très heureux pour Edem et tous les autres. Ils ne l'ont pas volé. Je crois que si Hebert ou Brouillette avaient joué toute une saison, on l'aurait vu dans cette sélection.

Four of five of our secondary nominated as all-stars, that's awesome. And yes, it's great to see Billy Parker FINALLY get some recognition. Conspicuous by absence on that list, Byron Parker. I continue to maintain that we should look to upgrade that field-side corner spot next season. Tisdale has done good work on the boundary side, but Parker? All I see him doing is tackling someone who's already made a catch or getting beaten on the deep ball, because he doesn't have the speed to keep up anymore...