Congratulations to the New Cheerleaders of 2007

Since I have not seen anything else posted or started,
Let me be the first to welcome all the New Girls to the 2007 squad. I look forward to seeing you perform both on the field and in the community. For those of you who are "first" timers, let me say, ENJOY every moment. Some of my fondest memories are standing on the sidelines at IWS, and have been noted here. (And yes practice is fun too.) With my fav being the Eastern final of 1985 and winning the Eastern Confrence and going to MOntreal for Grey Cup.
You guys look great !!! And once again Welcome
So How about a SHOUT OUT for the Girls

Oskee Wee Wee, Oskee Waa Waa, Holy Mackinaw, Tigers, Eatem' Raw whooooooooohooooooooooo !!!!

There was one thread posted that was rather derogatory and it degnerated from there. As a result it was deleted.

And best wishes as well to the 2007 cheerleaders. All the best to Lesley and the rest of the group as we all celebrate the 2007 season together.

Yes congrats girls and I hope they give you alot to cheer about this season . Must of been hard for the girls the last few seasons .....

Best of luck to them. I hope they have lots of fun and wear lots of clothes.. :wink: Easy guys, I'm kidding. I agree with Habman, I hope they give us all lots to cheer about.

Thats really sad to hear. But sadly not a surprise. I hope that this will be a positive. There is too much negativity in this world and these girls work hard, donate a lot of their time to charity and very important causes. They deserve respect.

Yes. Someone suggested that there should have been a better cultural representation, etc.! But, yes! Congrats to the girls and I’m gonna look forward to seeing them on the 'lines this year!

I did but the Post was Removed by Mods here.
I just Wounder why we have Minorities on the team.
why no women of Minorities cultural representation
Try out…

what The team Can do Encourage them to try out.
As for Women who made the team congrats…

OnKnight! You've said enough on this topic!

Easy...they can try out.


Good Luck girls and have a total blast in 2007!!.What a thrill this must be for them!.....I'd have tried out myself but I don't think Lesley has a spot for a "token out of shape guy"....hahahaha....... :wink:

(but man, my legs are beautiful Les!...honest!) :lol:

It is not the teams responsibility to "encourage" people to try out. It is an individual decision.

I'm curious how you could possibly know whether any of the girls that either tried out, or made the team are minorities or not?
Short of reading their applications (if that info is even on them) I'd suggest it's impossible to know by looking.

Unless someone is shallow and ignorant enough to think skin colour is what makes a minority.....but I doubt anyone in todays world can be that stupid....can they?

Well, If all the cheerleaders were of one skin color and/or one hair color... that would discourage other girls from trying out, don't you think? Because, why even bother to waste time trying out when you know you're at a disadvantage already.

Anyways, I hope the cheerleaders this year are cute AND good dancers... and wear skimpy clothes.