Congratulations to the Argos!

Let me be the first to congratulate the Argos on their win.

I'm of course, not happy with the results, but a win is a win.

Just wish both teams had shown up for the game. :frowning:

Apparently I was wrong! we peaked one week too early



Tremendously satisfying game to watch. Congrats to the Argos for a well played hard fought game. Resurrected from the ashes in 2011 to Grey Cup Champions in 2012! I don't think any team could have beaten the Argos the way they were playing today. A great effort from opening kick off. A convincing and well deserved victory! [color=#0000BF]

Well deserved...Should shut up Area 51 for a while.

great team win. The whole argos team played as one. They deserve this grey cup, hopefully this will lead to some new season ticket holders next year in Toronto. Congrads to the argos

Great job Argos, Stamps stunk it up, hope some of those Toronto folks fill some of those seats in eight months they have a pretty good team.

Agreed! I will say, after seeing the Vanier (record crowd!) and Grey (Full house!) Cups played there this year, I do have to say that football can look pretty good in that stadium! Lets see all you Toronto fans fill it up next year!

Congratulations Argo fans. A very well deserved win. Although Area 51 must be torn. His Argos won, his boy Ricky Ray was named top Canadian, but Chris....errr "Ego" Jones devised a masterful game plan to thwart Calgary's vaunted offense. :lol:

Argos won so you won't see Area 51, nothing left for him to complain about. Also he would never admit he was wrong.
Personally I think he's a closet Ti Cat fan. Explains why he likes to trash the Argos.

Hey, Argos won the Grey Cup, :rockin: I've never been happier to be wrong. 8)

Congrats to the Argos and their fans. Their fans get unfairly treated imo. I hope the city of Toronto rallies behind this team. The argos dominated this game and their defence had their best game of the season.

It wasn't even close. Aside from Larry Taylor, nobody did anything for the stamps.

Argos clearly the better team, Calgary got Kackered. :wink:

Wish the stamps had played like that against us :?

Congrats Argos

I hear you Starbuck. Why couldn’t that Lions have played like the Argos last week? I’ve a feeling though that even if the Lions [of SSK] had been in the Grey Cup, the Argos would still have won regardless. They were that good tonight! :thup:

Have to agree with you there, forgot to mention Maver and Peredez as well, other than them, the rest of the team stunk the place out. Very disappointing, not just that the Stamps lost, but also that it was such a bad game. Was hoping for a real classic that would befit the 100th, but instead we got a one-sided turkey like the '97 and '90 GCs (was hoping for more like the '89, '98, or '05 GCs).
Anyway congrads to the Argos for a complete team effort. They were definately the better team and deserved the win.


Congrats to the Argos. Toronto was in the drivers seat for basically the entire game.

He was pretty happy after the last two games, since they decided to run the ball and actually got pressure up front. Probably the same this game.

Yeah, who would have thought - - DLinemen are better at rushing the passer than DBs are. And running the ball is an effective way to take the pressure off the OLine - - run blocking is always easier than pass blocking. Cut down on the stupid, undisciplined and selfish penalties (almost: Belli) and look what happens. Five straight wins and a parade on Tuesday.

Wow, morning came fast so unfortunately I don't have the time to get into an in depth commentary on this one. Briefly,

What a great atmosphere at the Dome - - 1st H was the loudest I've ever heard it. Can't fugure out where all these "diehard" Argo fans have been hiding. Maybe some might even show up to a few games next season.

Ricky Foley set the tone for this one early - - kicking the ball into the stands after his fumble recovery got the landslide of momentum started. Other than when they picked off Ricky Ray on the opening pass, Calgary was never really in the game.

Big time players step up in big time games. Close decision between Foley or Jon Cornish for the Top Canadian. Really, it was a toss up between the two.

The play action call with Jarious Jackson was a thing of beauty.

Still not sure who's decision it was - - Barker or Milanovich - - to dump Cory Boyd for Kackert, but it was clearly the right one.

If anyone needed further proof, Kevin Glenn reminded us all that he's nothing more than a mediocre QB. The next big game he wins will be his first.

Had to laugh at Toronto busting the Grey Cup, but I guess Belli figured if he couldn't break Gott's arm he'd break a handle off the trophy.

This Argo team had some great chemistry and was a very tight group. That goes a long way in overcoming things.

Mission accomplished for 2012.

Congrats to the Argos! Maybe all the fans who keep ragging on Chris Jones and Scott Milanovich will back off for a while. :wink:

Barker has done a great job righting the ship in Toronto. :thup: