Congratulations to the Argos - GC 2017 Champions

... from a huge TiCats fan.

Your team is a reflection of your excellent coach, Marc Trestman.

Played one heck of an exciting game! Rickey Ray is the guy you want when the game is on the line.

Congratulations to the players, coaches, staff and fans.

BTW... I can't believe that there hasn't been a thread started about this before this one!!

Yes congrats! Glad you handed the Pony's another cause for motivation for next year. I was tired of listening to their antics the last few weeks! Still cocky! Same result!

Trestman is a great coach, and RR is playing better now than in his younger days probably because now he has experience to go along with his talent. In any case, I hope the West keeps sending Calgary because they have trouble finishing the job.

A memorable game. Perhaps even more so than what took place on the field, the love, humility & genuine emotion displayed by the winning team in the post game ceremony. Ricky Ray too overcome to speak. SJ Green reaching his hand out to Jim Popp during the team pic with the Cup, Popp shaking his hand and then grabbing SJ by the nose!
Trestman, Popp, Ray, these guys are winners. In less than a year, they not only built a champion, but a family-like comradery as well. "Worst to first", "Refuse to lose", etc....all the adages apply. It was fun to watch. Respect.

We spent all winter castigating Jimmy Barker for trading for Drew Willy, which got himself fired. >:( I probably led the charge. But now looking back it was the best thing that could have happened. Popp got hired and waited out Milanovich until he took the hint and left, opening the door for Trestman.
As they say the rest is History.

All is forgiven now Jimbo. ;DThat was a great trade.

Congrats to all ARGO fans from a ticat fan. You stuck it out with your team over last few years, when your team was treated like crap from those jerks at Rogers, then the idiot TFC/BMO field awful schedule.
Then, some of your fellow loser Torontonians who think the CFL is not big league enough.
You proudly cheered for your team and your team won it all just for you!
Congrats. had 30% off CFL merchandise during their 12 days of Christmas promotion, so I ordered the Argos championship hat and shirt which they wore on the field after winning the cup.

Look for a similar sale on Boxing Day for those who are interested.

Pretty nice stuff.