Congratulations to the Als

Congratulations to the Als and especially their coaching staff. TOTALLY and I mean totally, once again out coached us. For those of us Rider fans who have talked all year long about the issues with our coaches, our worst nightmare has come true. :cry:

i agree, it looked like they had a game plan at first but refused to change their D when the Als ran the screen and short passing game against it. great game tho!

Congratulations to our Als, but also to your Riders! You guys played a whale of a game and it came down to three points for the win. The Riders left it all on the field and have NOTHING to be ashamed of. Respect. :thup: :thup: :thup:

Thanks, considering how BADLY Duval played. I am amazed the Als won this game. The guy was 1 for 3 , kicked out of bounds and missed two punts one for 24 yards. He has to go. Maybe he can help his father in law run his campaign.

Thanks, Riderfan - nothing to hang your head about. We Als fans know all about disappointing GC losses. You still have a great team - and GREAT fans. We need fans like yours in EVERY CFL city. You guys rock!!! A great game, and I give full marks to both teams. Congrats Als!!!

Agree Hfx, about Duval; let's settle those things in the off-season. For now, it's PARTY TIME!!!

I'm fed up with him, especially considering that he shamelessly tried to pretend that the reason he missed the last-second FG last year was because the ref threw the red flag to indicate too many men. Thankfully, Ben Cahoon promptly ridiculed that suggestion in a TSN interview.

Duval is a choker who can't even be honest about his choking, and who tries to shift the blame to others (the snapper, the holder) for his mistakes. It's time for him to go.

Now, that's the last word I'll say on the subject, because WE HAVE A GREY CUP CHAMPIONSHIP TO CELEBRATE, BOYS AND GIRLS! :rockin:

We have been complaining this whole year about our defence. But when it mattered the most they stood tall and shut the Riders down!!!!!!!!! Only negative is Duval, but we have all winter to complain about him. All I can say is I have some butt kissing to because I have a parade and hockey game to attend to on wednsday.

Montreal Alouettes 2010 GREY CUP CHAMPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ps: I wonder what Calvillo has to say. I think this will be it for him and Cahoon??

Full credit to the Al's for the win. The Riders showed today that they belonged in the GC and like the Al's loosing to Calgary its all part of the learning needed for a team to take the next steps to the top.

The Al's put their exclamation point on this season with a well deserved cup win.

Les Alouettes sont retournés à la demie avec les Roughriders sur leur hameçon!!!

Super!!! Bravo!!!


I know I've defended Duval in the past
But this game was truly the last straw!!!
If we can get Laval's kicker Christopher!!!
You know you have a star kicker when fans start chanting his name during a game
instead of muttering expletives after another boneheaded play

Not sure Milo will be available at #8 but it would be nice. Worst case pay a rookie kicker the 60k and put the other 50 to 75k elsewhere.

Well done are a class act! :thup:

Credit to Tim Burke. I've been tough on him this year, but he schemed a great defense to shut down the Riders in the second half. Take away Duval's shanked punt and Cox getting exploited on the big Fantuz catch and I doubt Saskatchewan even scores that lone major.

Props also to Luc Brodeur-Jourdain, De'Audra Dix, Eric Deslauriers (great fortitude on the direct snap), and Billy Parker. All have come under fire at one point or another this season, but all four responded with great individual efforts in the most important game of the year.

Congrats to the Als. Seems I’ll have a little humble pie to eat next time I talk to my uncle. :lol: Ah well, it was all in good fun. Enjoy the championship. It goes by far too quickly. When the Lakers won in 2009, it seemed like we were defending our crown before I had a chance to celebrate, so I made a point to celebrate the 2010 championship. You guys should do the same. It’s not often you win back-to-back. :wink:

If you want to be the best, you've got to beat the best.

Today, the Riders could not beat the best, plain and simple.

Well earned championship, and good game. The better team and better coaching staff won. Full value, and full credit.

Same time next year?

Congrats to the Als from south of the border, though I had a hell of a time finding someone who got TSN down here!

.......Great season for the Als......great Cup win.... :thup:

...To be the best you have to beat the best......sooooo true....That's why i want to see A.C. have a full recovery and return in 2011.....Cahoon and Trestman sticking around for another year (or more) gives this league a lot of credibility far as Duval goes......hmmmmmm A lot of you are probably right.....he looks like he's done :roll:

Thanks, papa. Here’s hoping the Bombers overcome the hard-luck tag and we have a competitive four-way race for playoff spots in the East next year. I have to say that I think the 2010 Bombers were probably the best 4-14 I’ve ever seen. It was just a combination of bad luck and rookie coaching mistakes that led to the 4-14 record. far as Duval goes......hmmmmmm A lot of you are probably right.....he looks like he's done :roll:
I sincerely hope he's done as an Al. I can't stand his performance in clutch games. Absolutely unacceptable for anyone, let alone an import kicker making a good salary.