Congratulations to the A. Bruce TI-CATS!!

Couldn't let this thread pass without submitting some very favourable comments regarding AB111.

He played some fabulous football last night and gives his all every time he sets foot on the field.

We;re lucky to have this ray of light ion Hamilton!

Bruce is the bomb. Wow and the chemistry between Glenn and Bruce will only get better as the season rolls on .

That's more like what I expect from Bruce. At least that was a little silver lining to that horrible black cloud. I hope he keeps it up. Congrats to him.

i'm late here but yeah, AB was amazing and i think this will just be the beginning of a another huge season 4 him.

Go to 5:25 of the highlights and explain to me how humanly that Bruce, who catches the ball at the 28-yard line, ends up in the end zone?

This is skill that cannot be coached and more than likely when God was handing out speed, strength, and agility, Bruce (and his brother) stood in line at least twice for each. :stuck_out_tongue:

When I first started looking into the CFL last summer after watching the Grey Cup in 2008, Arland Bruce III was one of three players who jumped out at me as NFL-calibre talent immediately. Of course since I have observed far more and many a player with also NFL experience of some kind.

I bet Bruce was overlooked by the NFL due to his size in this era where too many teams are drafting high, spending excessively, and usually losing millions to find the next Michael Irvin in vain when in fact they ought be seeking out the next Wes Welker or Steve Smith (Carolina). For sake of the NFL, Bruce is "only" 5-11 and 194 and slightly undersized in this predominantly big receiver era.

The NFL's loss here is the CFL's gain and so much for the better I say! :cowboy:

Consider the following research from the offseason if you are unsure about such a view on Bruce's size for sake of the way the NFL coaches and owners see things nowadays especially since the days of Michael Irvin:

:thup: :thup: :thup: Congrats :AB3 You are #1 :thup: