Congratulations to the A. Bruce TI-CATS!!

Congratulations Arland, well over 250 yards in receiving, 2 TD's our only bright spot in a game filled with crap that starts with the Head Coach Marcel B. and works it's way down the rest of the team??? I only wish that your great performance was with a Winning Ti-Cat Team not one so prone to losing???

Oh Well, there is always next year as the faithful might say!!!

How about congratulations to AB3 for an amazing game and leave the negativity out of it.

Yeah, there'll be other threads for what went wrong during the game.

Just one thing I'd like to point out about AB3's performance.

A. BRUCE 16 272 2 36

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Single Game Receiving Yards

Name YDS Opponent Location Date
Larry Thompson 275 WPG WPG Aug. 25, 1995
Arland Bruce III 272 SSK SSK Jul. 31, 2010
Tony Akins 257 WPG WPG Oct. 10, 1999
Hal Paterson 228 SSK HAM Oct. 15, 1962

Oh, and that he tied the CFL record for most receptions in a single game.


WOW apparently after Bruce's second TD, some Rider fans threw their drinks at him.Zero class whatsoever.

Most Rider Fans Are Respectable People
But always few Bad Apples in the Bunch

Oh, I know that for sure.I just meant the act itself and the people that did it are low.

What does security do to such fans in Regina if anything? :?

In New York for sake of the Jets more than Giants or Philadelphia where this happens likely more often than anywhere else, you are thrown out if not in Philadelphia also arrested and booked quickly for a hearing right on the stadium grounds in the special courtroom with the judge on call.

The latter I believe comes with the terms of your ticket that in reality at any pro sports venue is a one-day seat contract licence.

They usually talk to them and/or escort them out in Hamilton.In Regina I doubt they do anything.There was an incident a couple years back where they hurdled beers at the opposing bench.

In the CFL, the players are closer to the action and are pretty much one with the fans.In the NFL and other league's, players are untouchable which is why it's a huge deal if someone does that in one of those league's.

Absolutely legendary from a great football player by measure of any gridiron league I say. WOW!

What a peformance!

The only thing better than his numbers, was his heart and determination that showed in his tough play!

That's a football player!

:( Geez it's not murder, but it's so low that this is why I laugh and scorn whenever someone suggests that you can trust the police and even more the case when they attempt to justify such a naive sentiment with the line "as long as you are not doing anything you have nothing to worry about." :roll: :thdn:

If the police don't do anything in such cases but look away irrespective of multiple witnesses in SOME places where they play football in North America but not others :roll: ...

It'd be great if the CFL itself had a consistent policy on the matter for ALL teams to get rid of these scumbags.

Yeah, but it was against the Lions, so maybe we should let that one pass. :twisted:

That must be why he looked so angry, on that second TD he looked like he was possessed.

Finally some emotion from ABIII. Last week I made a comment about his lack of emotion and leadership. I take that back after last night's game. I still can't figure out why they did not try to throw to him on the last play of the game, rather than throwing to McDaniels. Yes, the Roughriders would have been expecting it but at that point what do you have to lose? At least give him a chance to break the record.

I agree. All of us watching the game thought the same thing. Did no one on the Cats team know he needed one last pass to break the record? All you needed to do was flip him a three yard ball.

Only 3 yards short of all time yards in one game record? Amazing!

Go Bruce!

One of the very few who showed up to play last night. The team has no character - no desire or fire in their eyes. Marcel - take a good look at yourself in the mirror and stop the clowning around and start coaching this team. If you are afraid to say something to a player - your in the wrong position. The team has NO identity what so ever.

WOW apparently after Bruce's second TD, some Rider fans threw their drinks at him.Zero class whatsoever.

There are bums in every sports city including Regina just like in Hamilton, Bums who live in a DUMP!!!!!

Can only contain a talent like Bruce for so long. After being effectively shut down in Montreal, you knew Bruce was going to bust out with a monster game, but I don't think anyone could have predicted this. What a performance.

I don't think the people on the sideline even know that there is a football game going on. :roll: