Congratulations To Terry Vaughn-- All Time Receptions Leader

Like the subject says. Congrats to "TV" Terry Vaughn. I got love for a former Eskimo.

A classic, old-fashioned, all about the YAC yards receiver. Nice guy, class act.

He deserves it.

For sure.

Congrats, T. Vaughn!

yea props out to him. hope he gets another title as long as he doesnt beat the esks

Terry is a good player and deserves the record! Congradulations!

Terry Vaughn. The Man. Has anybody EVER been better getting yardage after the catch.Terry Vaughn is at the topbecause he deserves to be there. All hail the Great Maestro.

props to terry vaughn, had a solid game against calgary, i had a feeling tonight he was going to do it too.

I've got lots of respect for former Eskimos! Go Terry Go, congrats!

Yeah, he is an all-time great, perhaps the best...

I'll say this: I've never seen any receiver work as hard after the catch as Vaughn. I'd like to know how many times he was hit on those 973 catches. I bet it's at least twice as many hits as catches, maybe three times. He definitely doesn't run out of bounds or dive to the ground like some guys his size.

WELL DONE !!!!!!!!!!!!